Friday, June 28, 2013


I just realized that I have some really exciting news and that I completely dropped the ball on giving it to you.  Eek!  Sorry!

Anyways, before I get on with my update, we had our big anatomy scan last week.  Everything looked so great.  We got a great profile shot of the baby and I think it looks EXACTLY like Leigha did.  Richard and I decided to bring Leigha because I wanted us to find out the gender of the baby as a family.  Granted she did not know what was going on, it was still a special day.  The baby looked healthy and is developing right on schedule. 

Also, we are having a BOY!!!!!!  and we couldn't be more thrilled.  Honestly I think Richard and I were shocked.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted a boy, but I was convinced that it was going to be another girl.  Everything said girl...heart rate, Chinese gender predictor, and all kinds of other wives tales said it was going to be a girl...but regardless we are over the moon and in shock. 

No names yet...we haven't even thought of any, but we do have a list going....a rather LONG list, but maybe we can narrow it down before our son makes his entrance into the world.  :D

Anyways, now that the world knows about our beautiful baby boy, I will continue with the update.

Today I am 20 weeks 3 days
Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

Weight Gain:  Starting weight: 232 (Can't believe I just admitted that).

Cravings: I'm craving fresh foods.  Salads, fruits, that kinda thing. 
Aversions:  Burgers and fast food and things of that nature are not so appealing to me anymore
Symptoms: Sore boobs, for sure!  I don't remember this with Leigha, but maybe since I didn't have a 28 pound child climbing all over me all day every day back then it wasn't so much of an issue.

I am loving: I am feeling him now!  I know that for sure.  He's a stubborn little booger though.
Sleep: Non existent again.  I am battling yet ANOTHER cold...second one this month. 
I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.  When I roll onto my stomach it immediately wakes me up because it hurts...its not uncomfortable, it HURTS

I am looking forward to: Getting bigger.  Honestly, I can't wait for this belly to keep growing and watching it roll and move as he keeps getting bigger. 
I'm spazzing about: We haven't even started on getting his room cleaned out.  It will probably take the remaining 4 months to get it done, it is such a mess.  It will more than likely be down to the wire for sure. Especially since we are turning a room that's purpose at the moment is storage, office, sewing room and library....LOTS of things in that room!

Best moment this week:  I got some baby boy clothes.  Nothing spectacular, just some really cute clothes and onesies and things.  I also got him a Thanksgiving outfit (even though he may not be here by then) and 2 Christmas outfits, and even a Halloween costume for next year!  I'm pretty sure this costume is guaranteed not to fit because I got it so early, but that's OK.
Milestones: I THINK I can feel him from the outside, but like his sister he is stubborn and doesn't want me to feel him at all yet.  He can be kicking up a storm, but the second I put my hand on my stomach, he stops.

Movement:  Definitely, and I am so excited about it too.
It's a...: BOY

Exercise:   I don't have the energy to exercise after having 2 colds in 1 month.  I feel like I have been beat up and spit back out.
Diet: Nah...just trying to eat more fresh healthy foods. 
Goals for the upcoming week: Kick this stupid cold...that's my main focus at this point.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

16 Weeks

Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

I'm sorry that I have slipped back into my bad habits of posting every once in a while.  I had done so good for those past couple weeks, but Ah well.   Today I am currently 16 weeks and 5 days.  My next doctors appointment is on Tuesday.
Cravings:  The past couple weeks all I have wanted is Taco Bell.  I am so hungry for it, I cant stand it most days. 
Aversions: Not too many aversions. 
Symptoms: I can feel the baby now when I push on my stomach.   Its a hard little knot and I know its the baby and not my uterus because it moves around when I push on it. 
I am loving: That I'm starting to round out more.  I don't think I look as fat as I did in the past few weeks, but I for sure look pregnant now (or at least I hope that I do.)
Sleep: Completely non-existent at this point.  Leigha and I have been sick with a cold now for most of this past week so between her coughing spells in the middle of the night, my coughing spells and waking up to pee...I'm only getting 4 hours a night, and its a sporadic 4 hours at that.
I miss:  Sleep.  And being able to take medications.
I am looking forward to: Scheduling our gender ultrasound.  I dont know when it is yet, we will make the appointment on Tuesday, but i estimate it to be sometimes around June 18th...when I will be 19 weeks.  Although I am going to really try to get it for June 11th.  I'm being REALLY impatient and if I knew of a way that I could convince Richard to do an elective ultrasound I would totally do it LOL.
I'm spazzing aboutNothing really.  I still have my moments about 2 kids and all, but I think its getting better.  Millions of women are doing this every day and have been doing it for hundreds of years...surely I can too. 

Best moment this week:  Realizing that I am feeling this baby kick already.  At first I felt flutters, but now I'm feeling kicks.  I know its still too early for Richard to feel it, but I'm enjoying this little one kicking away.  Its much harder than it was with Leigha (than I remember anyways)
Milestones:Nothing that I can think of other than the movement and feeling the baby in my stomach.

Movement: Just a little. 
It's a...: No clue!  But we're CLOSE!!!!
Exercise:   Chasing Leigha.  She has become a hellion now and runs away from me at every request that I make...even getting into her chair and eating. 
Diet: Lots and lots of watermelon, milk and meats...mainly beef and chicken. 

Goals for the upcoming week:  Get rid of this stupid cold!!  And drink more water.