Tuesday, September 24, 2013

33 Week update

33 Week update

Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

Today I am exactly 33 weeks pregnant.  My due date is still 11-12-13, although I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, just like I did with Leigha.  I started out weighing 235, and at my last appointment a week ago, she said I weighed 247, 12 pound weight gain...I'm pretty happy with that.
Cravings:  Fresh foods.  Fruit and some veggies, mainly soybeans, but salads also top the list as well.  OH and steak..I have been CRAVING steak like no body's business

Aversions: No fried foods.  I feel gross after I eat them.  I've never experienced that before so this is new to me.  Blake is trying to make me healthier LOL.   I hope I can continue it after he is born. 

Symptoms: Pain.  Everything hurts.  I think I pulled my hip a few weeks back trying to get out of bed and while it feels better, it hurts really badly if i lay on it for too long so sleeping isnt the greatest.  Basically though my entire body aches.  You know when you have the flu and your bones ache...that's what I feel like right now, but without the sickness.  Tylenol is my friend when it gets super bad.  

I am loving: That he is moving so much!  I was laying in bed the other day and he was kicking up a storm and me was practically shaking my entire body.  I have to keep remembering that this will more than likely be my last pregnancy ever so I am trying to remember or document every single movement on video.....haven't gotten very much footage, but I'm getting some.

Sleep: Is ok.  I still wake up every morning about 2 am...well 2:34 to be exact.  I can't tell you how many times in the last 3 weeks I've seen that time on my bedside clock.   It seems to be the time when the Tylenol and Zantac stop working at their best.  Unisom is my friend 2-3 times a week because I just need the help that a 1/2 pill gives me to get a little extra rest and help me fall back to sleep when I get up.
I miss:  Feeling good.  These days I'm in pain or I can't catch my breath, or I'm tired.  I just want to feel normal again. 

I am looking forward to: Starting to paint his room.  I am going to do that this week with Richards help because he needs to move some pretty big pieces of furniture so I can paint behind him.  Thankfully I don't have much to paint because the room is mostly brown already and that is the big color that we are using for his room.  I do have to paint a blue wall and green wall though and it will be set.

I'm spazzing aboutThinking that he will come early.  My doctor told me at my last appointment that if I were to go into labor at 34 weeks (October 1) that she won't stop it, that she will let me deliver.  This FREAKED me out....In a week I could have a baby.  Granted I'm not showing any signs of pre-term labor, other than a scare that sent me to L&D 3 weeks ago due to bleeding and contractions, but I just have a feeling he will be here sooner rather than later.

Best moment this week:  Being able to vacuum the floor in his room.  Weird I know, but the room he will live in has been used as a storage room so it was FULL of boxes of crap.  To me it means we are making progress.  

Milestones:  1 week away from potentially having a baby.  ZOMG! 

Movement: Painful and consistent and strong!
It's a...:  Boy named Blake

Exercise:   Non existent.  I know that it would probably help my pain if I could actually manage to do some exercises, but I just can't.  Getting up to chase Leigha around is getting really difficult and painful, but I have to do what I have to do. 

Diet: Lots of fruits and meat. 

Goals for the upcoming week:  As always, drink more water.

Pregnancy #2 differences

I was thinking the other night while laying in bed during one of my 2 am insomnia sessions about the things that are different with pregnancy this time around.

I know that I am more stressed this pregnancy.  I think because I've now been there before.  I know that taking care of a newborn isn't as easy as I had thought the first time around.  And add to the fact that Leigha runs non stop (seriously, this child doesn't walk, running is the only speed she knows), doesn't do much to ease my mind at all LOL.  Ahh there is something to be said for blissful ignorance LOL.

I have been more lax about taking medications if I need them.  If I need a Tylenol, I'll take it without thinking twice.  Cold medicine? if its on the approved list, I'll take it.  Unisom, there is a box in my cabinet too.  Zantac has also been my lifesaver this time around too and I haven't given it much thought.  With Leigha's pregnancy I wouldn't take anything for the heartburn and I really didn't need to as long as I ate at least 1 pickle in the afternoon/evening.  This time around pickles stopped working about 12 weeks in...2 weeks into the heartburn, and thank goodness too because after eating so many, I didn't really want any more...still don't, I can't even eat them on burgers anymore LOL.

We agreed on the name so much quicker.  It took maybe 2 weeks.  I should have done this the last time, and forced Richard to narrow down a list, but I didn't.  Although come to think of it, we only needed to pick one name because we have known forever what his middle name would be.

I haven't been so anal about getting his room done as I was with Leigha's.  Hers was done about the time I entered the third trimester.  It was perfectly done, with the exception of making curtains which was finished the second week she was here.  This time as I sit here at 33 weeks, Blake's room is still a mess.  Granted its not AS big of a mess as it once was thanks to Richard helping me last week throw out and go through LOTS of boxes and things, but I know that it will either barely be done by the time he gets here, or will be finished shortly after...and I don't really mind.

Belly pics are pretty much non-existent.  If it weren't for the November birth board I'm a member of on baby center, I wouldn't take any. 

I know for a fact that I am MUCH bigger this time around.  Painfully bigger.  Can't hardly move bigger, Wake up crying because I can't move bigger.  If I didn't know for a fact it was only one...I would swear there were twins in there.

Poor Blake.  We have some definite second kid syndrome going on in this house LOL.