Saturday, August 31, 2013

Leigha is 2!

Well technically she is 2 and 1 month and change, but I'm no good about being on time for anything LOL. 

She is a handful....go ahead and look up that word in the dictionary, it will have her picture beside it.  We are definitely in the throws of the terrible two's.  She is such an independent little girl which is wonderful, and horrible at the same time.

It means more messes, and more things I don't have to worry about doing for her at the same time. 

She has such a big vocabulary, and will repeat almost everything you say, which is totally cute.  At her 2 year checkup I was worried that she wasn't talking very much, at least I couldn't understand her very well, but a month later and she is talking up a storm.  I can only imagine what she is going to be like in 2 months.  I think we will be OK. 

She was 30 pounds and 35 inches tall.  75% percentile for weight and 95% percentile for height.  In other words she is perfect...and will be perfectly tall too :D 

She loves Umi Zoomi and her favorite part of the show is the crazy shake at the end.  I'm talking shaking her hands and head and squealing, and singing parts of the words.  Her second favorite is Bubble Guppies, again because they dance in the middle of it and girl likes to dance. 

She loves...LOVES macaroni and cheese.  Its the only thing that I am guaranteed that she will eat.  Well as long as its the elbow macaroni and yellow cheese sauce.  That gourmet stuff you get off the kids menu at some restaurants she won't touch it (which really irks me...its a kids menu...don't make simple things gourmet! grrrr!)

She is still not liking most foods, but sometimes on occasion she will try something.  We're working on it.  And because of this, she is now having to take a multivitamin every day.  Her iron numbers came back REALLY low at her 2 year check up so she is getting an iron supplement as well.  We will go back to the doctor at the end of October to have them recheck the numbers and if they are still low then we will have to put her in the hospital for iron treatments.  That is not something that I am looking forward to especially since I will either have a VERY newborn baby or be VERY close to my due date.  Neither of which we are happy with, but obviously will have to do it if we have to.  We will manage.

She is in love with her Daddy.  She has to be wherever he is, doing whatever he is doing, looking at whatever he is looking at.  If his hands are above his head, hers are too.  Its so adorable.  She loves to imitate, but then again at this age, I suppose all children do. 

Where oh where has the time gone!  I am excited to see what you will do next, but I long for the days when you were a cuddly tiny squishy baby....I didn't get enough time with you then. 

Stop growing up little girl....Please stay little forever.

29 + 5 week update

Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

Today I am exactly 29 weeks 5 days pregnant.  My due date is still 11-12-13, although the last 2 appointments I have gone to I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  I started out weighing 235, and at my last appointment 2 weeks ago I weighed either 246 or 247, she moved the thing so fast I'm not sure what it said and I couldn't understand her when I asked but its not a big deal to me.  I'm going to attempt to not gain more than 10 additional pounds, but we shall see what happens.  I'm not going to stress if I do.
Cravings:  I'm still craving fresh foods.  I just bought a TON of produce at the store.  Apples, oranges, peaches, kiwi, but dang it now I realized I forgot the plums. :(

Aversions: Heavy fried foods and burgers, pizza and fast food are still on my list of things I don't want any more of.  I want home cooked, or restaurant cooked fresh foods..light foods, like salads and grilled chicken and stuff like that.  Although steak fries still taste amazing to me.  Go figure. 

Symptoms: Heartburn and hip pain.  I am now taking 2 Zantac per day to curb the heartburn and depending on what I have eaten, sometimes it doesn't even help.  And the hip pain is here to stay I believe.  The baby is so low my hips grind and yesterday while in Home Depot with Richard I was walking behind him and at one point it hurt so badly I was actually concerned with how I was going to make it out of the store because I literally could not take another step. 

I am loving: That I can now see my stomach flip and roll and kick.  Its one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  No one has felt him yet though.  I'm waiting till closer to the end before I make Richard feel him, but I try to get Leigha to and she just doesn't sit still long enough. (This is the same as my last update so I'm leaving it)

Sleep: Is getting better. I still wake up at 2 am every night, but I'm getting better at being able to fall back to sleep.  Sometimes i need to take a half a unisom to help, but I only do that on occasion especially when I know I will be needing a good nights rest the night before.  I also think the pregnancy pillow I bought at the beginning of the pregnancy helps too.  Its nice to have something to prop up the stomach and put between my knees.  
I miss:  Being able to walk normally.  I am starting to waddle rather badly both because of the hip pain and because he is so low.

I am looking forward to: Getting his room set up.  I started cleaning it out a couple weeks ago and have sold my really big craft table so I at least have room for a crib if need be LOL.  I also ordered the crib bedding this week and it should be here Tuesday at which point we will start painting probably next weekend.  We have to do some major rearranging of furniture and sell more stuff, but its getting there. 

I'm spazzing aboutI still don't have all the things that I think I need.  However since my last update I have acquired a video monitor, some baby blankets, swaddlers, infant towels, burp cloths and have the bedding being shipped to me. I have also bought a changing table from a friend, but I have yet to pick it up.  I still need a crib/bassinet, changing pad, paint, 

Best moment this week:  Finding out I may have gestational diabetes and yes, I'm being VERY sarcastic LOL.  I had my 1 hour test this past Tuesday at 28 weeks.  I received a phone call from the office and I immediately assumed that I was anemic so I started taking iron supplements.  However when I called the office back a couple days later (I couldn't call earlier) she told me I had failed and needed to go back to do the 3 hour test.  I'm hoping its because of the half package or double stuff Oreo's that I ate as breakfast and lunch the day before.  Oreos are my weakness, pregnant or not.  I have since cut back drastically on the amount of cokes and sweets that I am eating because I really hope that it was just a fluke thing.  I will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday after that test is done. 

Milestones:  He is a STRONG little boy.  I have made it to the point in pregnancy when I am literally saying 'OUCH' when he kicks lots of times.  Leigha never did this, or maybe she did and the anterior placenta muffled it, but WOW, I have a future NFL kicker in here for sure! 

Movement:Definitely on a schedule.  I have 5 times a day when I can set a clock by him.  He definitely already has his schedule down pat. 
It's a...: Boy, a boy...a beautiful baby Boy named Blake

Exercise:   Chasing Leigha.  She has become a hellion now and runs away from me at every request that I make...even getting into her chair and eating.  She is still doing this and it is still pretty much all the exercise I get...I'm starting to get winded really quickly these days.

Diet: Lots and lots of watermelon, milk and meats...mainly beef and chicken, and now fruit and water.  Water is amazing to me now, and nothing else tastes even remotely good.  

Goals for the upcoming week:  As always, drink more water.