Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 34 update (I think)

Someone asked me the other day how I was feeling, if I was to the point where I am done being pregnant yet.  I said no, I'm feeling pretty good, no complaints, I love it.  Well immediately after making that statement I should have found a big hunk of wood somewhere and beat the heck out of it because I kid you not, less than 24 hours later, I now know what it means to be "done being pregnant", and I will be getting into that a little later I'm sure.  
I have stated my new job.  I actually have been doing it for a while now, but I'm to the point where I can start making my daily goals on a pretty consistent basis.  This is a MAJOR milestone for me.  I have never been able to get to this point this quickly on any account that I have worked on before.  It would be a good thing if there was actually enough consistent work that I could consistently make my goals, but thats a whole other ball game and yes I know, I should be working, but I'm being lazy today because who isn't lazy when you only get 2-3 hours of sleep the night before and a less than 45 minute nap in the afternoon.  Besides there's hardly any work as usual.  ;)  

Weight Gain:  I had my appointment today and I asked the nurse if I had gained any weight because when she moved the scale it looked like the same number.  She said I had gained a half pound in 2 weeks.  I think thats more from the 2 candy bars a day that I have been eating for the last 3 days, plus all the icecream and whole milk (the store was out of 2%)  So that brings me to a total of 20 pounds so far.

Symptoms: Last time I said that I couldn't breathe if I was up and about.  Well you can change that to I cant breathe if I'm up and moving, sitting still, lying down....breathing sucks these days.  I'm hoping that she drops soon so that I can have some relief in that area...although I have a feeling that will cause a whole other mess of problems for me LOL.  Sometimes though when I'm walking I would swear she has already dropped. I know I haven't ever experienced it before, but sometimes it seriously feels like she's about to fall out when I'm walking and it really kinda hurts.  Maybe that's her trying to drop lower, I don't know.   

Cravings: Water and Ice and watermelon.  Really its just the ice that I want, but we don't have a crushed ice machine here so I have to drink the water to get the ice to melt so that its chewable.  Good since I need water, but bad because I want ice all the time I'm drinking all the time, therefore running to the bathroom all the time.  (Hmm maybe that's why Richard told me the other day he wasn't going to take me to the movies because I will have to go to the bathroom LOL)
I am loving:  That her room is completely painted, AND cleaned out AND Richard shampooed the carpet tonight, AND tomorrow I'm going to do some spot scrubbing.  I asked him about putting the crib together and he said that he wants to do it tomorrow which means that we will be getting a mattress this weekend probably.  OMG this is all so cool to me.  I can't wait to see how its all going to look. 
I'm also loving that when I lay down at night I usually lay on my left side.  Well she always sticks her foot up in the air (or a knee, so maybe she sleeps like her daddy)  Anyway.  This little knub pops out on my right side of my stomach, you can seriously see it!  You can't touch it though because she will move it, but she usually puts it right back where it was.  I rub it just to bug her. (I'm going to be a horrible mom, I know LOL)  But its just so cute.  One second its there and then its gone, but wait its back LOL. 

I am looking forward to:  Getting all her stuff in her room. Her crib is going in this week.  Her dresser will probably be ready this weekend.  I'm going to be moving a bookcase in there this weekend as well.  I just have so much stuff that is getting ready to go in her room, then I can really start decorating it and putting it all together.  I can't wait.  I still have to wash and iron her bedding and paint a couple little things, but so far its just moving stuff in and putting things away.  I can't wait.  

I'm spazzing that:  3 weeks people, in 3 weeks I can have a baby!  (ok, as much as 6, but still)  Thats LESS THAN A MONTH!  I am so ready though.

Milestones:  I'm done.  I'm done being pregnant. Theoretically I still love it.  I love the idea of it, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, the stretchmarks that hurt, and the literal feeling like your stomach is about to pop and not breathing, and peeing all the time, and peeing when you sneeze (OMG! I didn't know about that!!! UGH!) and not being able to walk or do much of anything anymore.  I'm done.  

Movement:  We can add that she now moves in the middle of the day pretty much.  Between about 12 and 2.  Usually its after I eat and if I am sitting.  She's pretty active but still really mellow.  No hard "ouch" inducing kicks yet. :)   And so far only Richard has felt her and that was several months ago.  Usually she will start moving after someone who really wants to feel her (i.e. my mom, and a few of my friends) leave.  What can I say, girl's timing is a little off LOL
It's a...: GIRL!!!!!

Exercise: AH....HECK NO!    LOL.  There are times where I can't even get out of my car, I have to psych myself up for it LOL.  The most exercise I get is getting out of bed and walking around the house.  

Name:  Leigha Summer.   LOVE!!!  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


So I have been reading on some blogs that there are problems that cause comments not to show up, or something like that. 

Well anyway, I got word on how to fix case you have tried to comment on my blog and haven't been able to. 

So anyway, I think that I have fixed it.

Just to let you know....just in case ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 32!

I went to go see my doctor yesterday.  We had a really good appointment.  We got to see Leigha on an ultrasound again, and even though ONCE AGAIN I have some pretty crappy pictures (ones that just barely show her nose and mouth) the video is much better.  I just wish I knew how to get it on video on here because its on VHS.   I may have to figure that one out.   Anyway the tech told us that Leigha has some hair on the back of her head, more than likely all over, but its easiest to tell on the back of her head.   She's definitely head down now.  He said that she weight OVER 5 pounds already, and that she is already taller than little boy babies at this same age (something about boy babies leg bones usually being bigger than girls).  All that I really heard out of that and the first thing that I told the doctor when he walked into the room was that she's already over 5 pounds!   I'm sorry, but I don't want to give birth to a 9-10 pound baby.  I couldn't handle that.  I don't want to know what that's like.  I have just gotten used to the fact that she may be 8  (I'm hoping for 7 LOL)

Anyway at the appointment I got to show my doctor my birth plan, and he gave me some insight on things that are completely not possible given our hospital, things that are a good idea, and things that are OK, and some of his reasoning behind why things are done the way that they are done,  So I have made the necessary changes and will probably bring him the final draft in 2 weeks. (Yes, I've heard that if you make one of those that you are basically jinxing yourself, but lucky for me, I'm just happy that I'm getting a baby out of the whole ordeal, so the thing can be tossed and I won't care)

Weight Gain:  I don't remember what it was at my last appointment.  She kinda took it in a hurry and I forgot to ask, but as of yesterday I'm up 20 pounds.  BUT since I had just eaten a really big lunch not 20 minutes before, I'm estimating it to be about 15-18 pounds.  Which is pretty cool, I'm OK with it.

Symptoms:  I can't breath at all if I'm up and moving about, which is pretty often these days since I have been trying to get her room together as best I can.  Also I have that pregnancy waddle down pat! LOL.  I can definitely tell that she is head down and there are times that I swear that she is holding my hips with her hands trying as hard as she can to not let my legs move.   Totally not possibly I know, but its hard to move these legs sometimes LOL, also the swelling has started.  Its been in the 90s here and I can definitely feel it.  Its not bad swelling, like my BP has been perfect lately, but its just the uncomfortable can't get my rings off without struggling or running my hands under cold water uncomfortable.  I may have to make a trip to Walmart to find a cheap replacement because there is no way I'm cutting these things off LOL.    

Cravings: Chicken.  Which is odd because I don't want to make it. LOL.  I guess its more of a "haven't had that in a while craving" as opposed to a gotta have it type thing.   Also watermelon.  Probably watermelon more than chicken actually.  A few days ago, I actually ate an entire watermelon in 1 day.  Sad I know, but it was SO good.  Doesn't hurt that its my all time favorite fruit anyways, and its summer and there is nothing better when its super hot outside than getting a huge slice of ice cold watermelon out of the fridge.  OK, seriously, I need watermelon NOW.  Like I'm tempted to get in the car (at 3 am) and find a grocery that is open, or Walmart and get me a watermelon.  I won't though.  I don't want to have to admit to Richard that I had done that LOL.     Looks like I'm making a grocery run first thing in the morning :D
I am loving:  That I have a new job.  That her room is completely painted (I'll post pics at the end).  That I'm almost done with 2 week appointments (only have 1 left).  That she's measuring 14 days ahead of schedule...thats something else we learned today too.  Doc isn't changing my due date.  Something about the accuracy of the ultrasounds during the 3rd trimester, and if its plus or minus 20 days during the 3rd trimester then they change it. (darn for that, but I'm changing it myself.  Now I'm saying anywhere between the 15-31st LOL)  I'm also loving that sometimes I can feel what I now know to be a leg or a foot.  If I lay on my left side, and put my hand on the side of my stomach I can feel her rolling around in there, and every once in a while a little foot or knee or something will roll across my hand and stop.  To the point that I can almost "grab" it (Dang I wish that I was thinner pre-pregnancy, because I probably could see it too)

I am looking forward to:  Getting all the crap out of her room.  I have a cousin who is coming to pick up a keg fridge that we have had since Richard's bachelor's days, and The salvation army is supposed to come pick up an old mattress.  That will be all the big stuff, and then I get to shampoo the carpet.  I'm super excited because then, everything is cleaned out, and baby stuff can start to be moved in.  :D 

I'm spazzing that:  In as little as 4 weeks (but as much as 8) I can have a baby in my arms.  I say 'as much as' because my doc has already promised me that he won't let me go over my due date.  I guess that's pretty good since we already know she's gonna be a big one.  

Milestones:  Can you count head down as a milestone?  Not sure,  Although now I know that the things that I am feeling at the top of my stomach are definitely kicks and the ones at the bottom are definitely punches.  OH!!  I almost forgot....I felt hiccups for the first time yesterday.   I know I have probably been feeling them for a while, but to me they just felt like her punches.  This last time when I felt them, it definitely went for a longer stretch and was definitely rhythmic so I was able to tell that they are definitely hiccups.  Pretty cool!  :D

Movement:  In the morning and evening mostly. Occasionally she will kick during the day, but its not often enough that she does it for me to put down a time frame.  This of course has my mom completely excited telling me that she has her days and nights mixed up already and that its payback because after I was born I had my days and nights mixed up.  I just nod and smile and humor her because everything that I have read states that most babies move during that time because we're not.  That during the day we are moving around so they are pretty much being rocked constantly. 
It's a...: GIRL!!!!!

Exercise: Definitely no.  Between getting out of breath by walking for even less than 5 minutes, to sometimes feeling like there is a head in my pelvis, to the braxton hicks contractions, which don't feel very good, I'm not doing any more exercise than I have to.  

Name:  Leigha Summer.  I think I love it more every time I say it or spell it or have someone say it to me.  Early on, I wouldn't say it to myself.  I wouldn't say it out loud.  I don't know why.  It confused a lot of people because I would tell them thats her name, but would constantly refer to her as "the baby", or "her", or even "it" LOL.  I told my mom that I think its because she isn't here yet and it just seems weird to call someone by name that I haven't met, that I don't know.  Its hard to explain.  It didn't seem real that the person in my belly had a name.  Its still kind of weird to refer to someone that isn't even here yet, but I'm that way with all babies that aren't born.  My friend had a baby recently, she knew her name right after they found out it was a girl, and would refer to her as such.  Its just weird to me.  I don't know why LOL. 
This first picture is her "bubble wall"  Its a pale yellow and will be where her changing table/dresser will go once we get it from Richard's parents  I LOVE IT.  I love the yellow, and the way I painted the bubbles it matches perfectly with her bedding, and I just love this wall.  (You can also see into her bathroom, which is a complete wreck and full of things I pulled out of her room that need to go into the attic LOL)
 This is the wall to the left of her bubble wall.  The rest of the room is pink, and you can tell that I put some more bubbles around the room as well.  I didn't want that one wall to stick out so I just put a few of them here and there.  I love how it turned out.  Oh and that brown thing, its a shelf that we are going to put into the living room, hopefully this weekend or next, its HUGE and heavy and needs brackets and templates and screws and its pretty heavy duty and needs hubby's help :D
 This one is the doorway in/out of her room.  Its on the right side of her yellow bubble wall.  I'm just loving the bubbles.  That big pink one?  Its my favorite.  Yes, I'm weird I know, I have a favorite bubble that I painted LOL.  Oh well. 
 I won't show you all 6 pictures that I took of her room because it would just be windows and closet and stuff like that and while I'm sure this is pretty boring to people I know, I won't bore strangers with the rest ;)  

OH also we have her coming home outfit all picked out....
Isn't it cute!  Its the Vanderbilt onesie that I used to tell Richard that I was pregnant (I always knew I would bring the baby home in it, but since we know its a girl, I had to make it more"girly" LOL)  Anyway the onesie is 0-3 months, the skirt is 3-6 months I think (but super unbelievably tiny, so I'm hoping it works) Vanderbilt socks and a headband that I MADE!!!   I can't believe I made that.  Pretty cool if I do say so myself.  I was going to buy one for like $10-$15, but I got to looking at them online and figured that they look really simple, so I went to Hobby Lobby and found the stuff to make them.  I spent $12 and used $6.50 worth of material to make 5 different colored headbands!!!!   I made them for $1.31 a piece!  Granted I do have a lot of leftovers so I can make more and not have to buy as much stuff.  I am going to make a bunch of them for friends that are pregnant.  I think that it will be a good baby gift for cheap LOL.  I am totally debating on opening my own etsy shop and making those and some smock dresses that I think that I can get "pre smocked" fabric from the craft store and sew one strip and make my own smocked shirt or dress for little girls, or big girls, or pregnant women, and maybe some of those ADORABLE pillow case dresses too.  I'm going to check that out today.  I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully they have the stuff because those smock dresses/shirts are my current favorite type of shirt.  Not only do they cover the belly, but they make my boobs look pretty darn big if I do say so myself LOL.   :D 

OK wow, this is really long and I should probably get some sleep tonight, so I'll stop now.  BYE!!!  :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cicadas....Dun dun dun!!!


Ugh, they are so annoying and ugly and creepy and disgusting and big and stupid.

Don't know what a cicada is?  Here's a pic.

Its a bug that comes out of the ground every 7, 13 or 17 years, and they have some that come out every year too.  There are several different varieties.  Anyway, they come out of the ground climb up trees and spend their entire day screaming (their mating call, many call it singing), they find another cicada to mate with, they lay eggs in trees and die.  The eggs then hatch, the larva fall to the ground and bury themselves in the ground beneath the trees only to emerge in another 7, 13, or 17 years depending on the variety.   The ones that are here this year are the 13 year cicadas.  Their parents were here in 1998, and I remember that too.  It was a horrible horrible summer.  I honestly think it was because we had all different varieties out at the same time, but I have no way to confirm that.  It seemed like they swarmed you much more last time, but I don't know

Basically they serve no purpose.  They don't propagate any plants, they don't fertilize anything, they don't do a thing for the environment except literally freak people out!!!  I found out today that they are blind.  They are so big and heavy that they literally can't hardly fly, they practically jump out of the trees and fly until they eventually make it to the ground.  They are attracted to anything that makes noise, and they hurt when they hit because these things are huge, and they will hit you, since they can't see you.  DISGUSTING!!!

Thank goodness they are only out for about 6 weeks but that's 6 weeks longer than they should be if you ask me.   People literally freak out about these things, including me.  They have people around here that take off work, they take leaves of absence, sick days, and don't come out of the house.  That's me by the way...not the taking a leave of absence, but the not leaving the house.   Well I take that back,  if I do leave, its early early morning, or late in the afternoon because they are mainly only out during the middle of the day when it is hot outside.   They are so loud that even if you have all your windows closed you can still hear them from inside the house or car, and there are times outside that they are so loud that you can't hear someone else in a conversation.

So far we are on week 4 of our invasion.  Hopefully only 2 more to go.  I know that we will still have to deal with the ones that come out every year, but those are OK with me, they don't come in swarms and you will only see about 1 every year, and those are the big ones too, about 2-3 inches long.  YUCK (these are only about 1-2 inches)!!!

Anyways so this morning I was outside trying to feed a little bird that had fallen out of its nest yesterday, and a cicada landed on my back.  (I had back surgery several years ago, so my back is pretty much numb)I did not know this.  It wasn't screaming, I had no clue it was there.  So anyway, i finished trying to feed the bird, and came inside and sat on the couch to play on the computer for a while before starting my chores.  Thats when I heard it.  The dreaded screaming noise.  It was super loud and right near my ear.  I hoped and prayed that the back door was open and there was one on the screen, but no such luck.  I felt all up and down my back, nothing, in my hair, nothing, looked at my legs and on the couch and floor and on the clothes that are hanging to dry in the doorway, nothing.  Then I went to brush off my sides.  Of course it started screaming again, I started screaming (like blood curdling freak out the neighbors so they call the cops without first checking on you kind of a scream)

This thing took off flying across the living room and landed on the back of the loveseat.  I'm still freaking out at this point, I start looking for, searching for anything thats out and within reach that I can use for a bug spray that may kill it.  Then I think of a fly swatter thats in the kitchen.  I grab it, walk to the loveseat, and smack the crap out of that sucker. I hit this thing so hard that I bent the handle of my swatter....and it still wasn't dead!!  So I hit it over and over and over.  Then I put a glass over it LOL.  So yes, at this very moment in my living room my couch is pulled away from the wall and there is a glass upside down on the floor covering a cicada, you know, just in case it isn't dead) and it will all remain there till Richard can come home and get this thing outside. 

OMG, I have completely grossed myself out talking about these things.  Probably you too, which is understandable.   So now that I have gone completely creepy, here are a couple of videos that I found that have their screams so you can maybe understand just a little about what most of us Southerners are dealing with right about now.  Enjoy!!!

Cicadas in Nashville

Cicada sounds