Saturday, April 23, 2011

99 DAYS!

OMG!  99 days left till Leigha is due to arrive.  I know that she can come early...I am HOPING that she will come early because 9 months pregnant in the middle of July in Nashville doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.  I'm usually dying by the 4th as it is with all the humidity LOL.  (Should have thought about that when I got pregnant huh? LOL)

I'm excited, nervous, panicked, happy, relieved, scared...and all this at the same time and probably more emotions that I haven't realized yet LOL.

Excited that she's almost here.  Nervous because I've never done this before.  Panicked because there is so much left to do.  Happy because our little family is really coming together, its not just a dream anymore.  Relieved because we've made it to the point that from here went super SUPER fast with the wedding, so why shouldn't it go fast this time?  Scared because of the pain, I don't know how I will handle it, or how Richard will handle it for that matter either (me being in pain and how I could possibly treat him in the delivery room.  I'm scared of the person I may become and what I could say). 

But overall, I'm ready.  I want to meet her.  I want to see who she looks like.  I am ready to take care of her and keep her safe and love her.  Granted I don't have a crib or anything like that up, but that shouldn't take any time at all to get put together.  I'm ready!

As a side note, here's a number run for how hectic things are about to get....
36 days till the baby shower
50 days till the other shower
72 days till the 4th of July
82 days till my Dad's birthday
92 days till Richard's birthday
99 days till our 7th Anniversary
99 days till Leigh's due date
108 days till my birthday

Its gonna be one heck of a busy summer that's for sure!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 25 Update

OMG mark this day on your calendar! I am doing a weekly update post that's not including several weeks worth.  Check my temperature, what's wrong with me ;)  LOL.

Nothing.  I'm just sitting here watching 'Dear Genevieve' on HGTV and trying to care for a mopey, shaky, tummy gurgly dog who alternates from wanting to be held to being as close as possible without being in my lap to being no where near me LOL.   He gets like this sometimes, we aren't really sure why, and he snaps out of it almost as quickly as it comes on.  I am beginning to think it has something to do with the particular brand of dog food we feed them.  I think he eats so fast and doesn't chew and then it sits and expands in his tummy upsetting it.  I could be wrong, who knows, but that's what I'm going with.  Anyone else have this problem with a pup?

Anywho, I'm supposed to be writing an update, not talking about my dog so lets continue. ;)

Weight Gain:  I am gonna go ahead and say 8-10 pounds total.  I don't have one of those digital scales though and I only have my glasses now because I ripped my last pair of contacts so I can't see the numbers very well anymore so its probably not that accurate.  We'll find out Monday when I go to the doctor.

Symptoms:  Whenever one of my pregnant friends would talk about their baby "tap dancing on their bladder" I never really understand what it meant.  Well I do now! LOL.  If I wait too long I can usually tell when she's up by feeling her tap dancing on the bladder and then I know that I have to find a bathroom STAT because if I were to cough or laugh or sneeze it could be embarrassingly disastrous! LOL
Cravings: I'm not craving anything anymore really.  I want food and I eat all the time, but its nothing that I really want.  That's really frustrating.  I wish I could find a craving and like it.  I don't want to be snacking all day.  Its not healthy for me, the baby or our food budget.  LOL
I am loving:  I can feel her from the outside if I trick her.  Wherever she kicks if I put my hand there she usually will move away and kick somewhere else or stop completely.  SO I have to trick her by putting something on my stomach (she hates that) and putting my hand under it and letting the weight of the object press down on my hand, then she will kick it, or I have to wait till its really dark then put my hand on my stomach.  I guess she really can see light through all my bigness. ;)   I try to get Richard to feel but he doesn't keep his hand on my stomach for long.  He says the idea of feeling her move on the outside freaks him out but I want him to feel it once then I won't bother him with it again.   BUT if anyone else asks I tell them I can't feel her from the outside yet.  Its Richards baby and I think that he should be the first person to feel her. 
I miss: Being able to walk around and do things anywhere without getting winded. 

I am looking forward to:  My baby showers.  One is gonna be at the end of May on the 29th and the other probably during the first weekend in June.  That part is coming up fast and I am getting really excited about it and check my registries daily even though no one knows about them yet.

I'm spazzing that:  We may not get her room done in time.  Richard and I were talking about it and he has come to the conclusion that it won't get done and she will be living amongst boxes.  My problem is that he's given up before he even started.  I need to get in there and clean it up, but we need to have a garage sale to get the big stuff out of there and of course I can't move the big stuff.  I think that if I go in there and try to get things done and I get help from family and friends, he may jump in and help....It may just be a dream, but I'm really hopeful.
Milestones:  If I were to give birth today she could be able to survive.  Granted with lots and lots of medical intervention and would likely have lots of health problems, but she could live.  I think that's pretty cool and didn't realize that till I got the email from Baby Center.  I thought that the survival date was still several weeks away.

Movement:  Yup, but not for Richard yet.
It's a...: GIRL!!!!!

Exercise: Not so much.  I did spring clean our room yesterday though.  BUT I think I over did it.  My back started hurting yesterday, I went to sleep with it hurting and it still hurts today, so I am taking it easy laying in bed, cuddling my sickly pup when he wants to be and watching decorating shows.
Name:  Leigha Summer.  The consensus is 99% positive on the name.  My Mom and her sister don't really like it because they knew a Leah like 20 years ago and both of them rarely saw that kid.  Not a good enough reason to nix the name in my opinion, but they'll live.  It is my kid after all and what I say goes ;)  (Look at me getting all defensive LOL)

Coming up:  OK Blogger whats up with you deleting this part of my post....that wasn't very nice of you!!! LOL)

I think that I have a Dr appointment on Monday.  I need to call and check on it though because I usually have appointments on Wednesdays so its throwing me off a little.  At least its an actual appointment and not a work in like it was last time, stupid office.  (Not sure I told you about that, maybe another post is in order).   Anyway if what my doctor says is true this should be my last monthly appointment.  From here on out they should be every 2 weeks.  (OMG WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!!)

Also I'm gonna start clearing out her room.  I don't think that I am to the point of calling it nesting because I don't feel the need to do it, I just know that it has to be done.  I want her room to be completely finished on the day that I bring her home, if for no other reason other than I don't want to walk around with a newborn in my arms having to dodge boxes because my hubby has given up (can you say trip hazard?).   Besides I have to do my part to feel comfortable that everything that I could do got done and all the rest was his responsibility.  (Don't worry he doesn't read my blog, other than that one post, so he won't get mad that I'm calling him out on this.  Besides I've done it in front of him already so he knows how I feel about it) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Preggo brain has taken over!

This whole past 6 months if you had asked I would have told you that I don't forget things, don't mix up words, don't misplace things, I'm good.  I figured that Preggo brain had thankfully skipped me over.


I was re-reading my update for the ump-teenth time just now and I only JUST NOW realized that in the part that I talk about heartburn, I say "Water is giving me water" (Yeah, I read my own blog over and over.  I can't help it.  I like reading that stuff, even though I already know it. :D  LOL)

I have been trying to type this out and I can't spell half of the words correctly. 

I left an (empty) pan on a hot stove and have completely scorched it to the point that the copper has flaked off the bottom!!!  I didn't even remember turning the stove on!

I called my dog Leigha the other day (her name is Allie).  Richard looked at me a little crazy.  Thing is I didn't even know I had done it till he said something.

I poured a glass of water and put it back in the fridge and then walked ALL OVER the house trying to find it.

And I can't find my phone.

LOL.  I'm such a mess right now.  I certainly hope that this isn't 6 months of preggo brain just now catching up with me and is gonna try to cram itself into my last 3 months.  Although that would be a great source of entertainment for you and my family and friends LOL!!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maternity jean mix up

I bought my first pair of maternity jeans a couple of months ago.  I have to order them online because at 6' tall they don't carry tall sizes in the stores (I guess they think that tall pregnant women don't exist or at least don't go out to stores because of their freakishly tall size LOL)  Anywho, these jeans have the full belly panel and are pretty comfy and most importantly the correct length.  I LOVE THEM!!

So of course I decide to order some more because I need more than one pair of jeans.  I place the order a week ago and picked them up tonight.  I was so excited about them I immediately went to try them on (yeah they are identical to my other pair, not sure why I was so excited). 

I take them out of the bag and they look a little small, but I figure that maybe they are folded a little and just look a little weird.  So I take off my other pair and start to try to pull these new ones on.  I CAN'T EVEN GET THEM UP PAST MY KNEES!!!  LOL  Obviously something is wrong.  I look at the tag...Large Tall....I try again, doesn't even come close.  So I decide to put them up to my other jeans that I have just taken off.  They are a good 4-5 inches smaller in the waist and at least a foot too short LOL.  I think that they seriously mis-labeled these things.  There is no way that these are the right size.   I know I've gotten larger since getting pregnant, but I didn't know that I got that much bigger LOL. 

I have come to the conclusion that they have got to be a small petite LOL.  Back to Penny's I go :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 21-24 update

I really don't have anything to write about.  Nothing really has been going on lately.   I'm just sitting here watching Chopped and eating dinner, so I thought that I would post an update.  For some reason I was thinking that it has been longer since I have posted one, but only a couple weeks, but oh well.  Maybe this means that I will start blogging and updating more, who knows, (its a nice thought anyway)

Weight Gain: I think that its about 5 pounds.  My scale is going all wonky on me now, but I'll take an average of 5 pounds.  Some days its 5, some its 10.  Its still scaring me a little making me think that I will have eaten 5 pounds in one day, but whatever. 

Symptoms:  I'm not having any symptoms, other than I'm for sure now feeling kicks and my belly is huge!  Too big for 24 weeks, but it is what it is.  (I'll post a pic at the end so you can see just how big I am)
Cravings: I'm not craving milk so much anymore, I still like it, but I don't think I'll be drinking 3 gallons in one week anymore LOL.  Now its chicken and carbs.  Its the main reason that I am eating a bowl of macaroni right now LOL.
Aversions:  Mexican food.  And I have found out that its not just all Mexican food, just the stuff from our local Mexican place that I used to LOVE and crave on a daily basis.  I can't eat the tacos and burritos and stuff that I used to eat there anymore.  Not really sure why that is considering I can put away Taco Bell like nobody's business.   I know Taco Bell isn't really considered Mexican, but I like the tacos and burritos there which are the same things that I can't eat at the Corral.  This pregnancy craving stuff is WEIRD! 
I am loving:  That I am definitely feeling her move now.  It doesn't feel like what I thought it would.  Its more like taps from the inside than bubbles or butterflies or anything that I have heard it feels like.  But either way, its pretty cool.
I miss: My clothes.  I have cute maternity clothes that I LOVE, although I am quickly needing more since its warming up so quickly here (It was 91 today!  YIKES!!)  Most of my stuff is sweaters or long sleeves.  I need to find a place that I can get cheap clothes.

I am looking forward to:  Warmth and sunshine and flowers and birds and frogs near our pool that sound like monkeys.   I know that's not pregnancy related, but it sure as heck will do numbers for improving my mood! 

I'm spazzing that:  Water is now giving me water.  Plain water.  Cold, room temp, warm, doesn't matter, it gives me horrible heartburn for about 5 minutes after I drink it.  I knew it was doing that at night when I would get up to use the bathroom, but yesterday I realized it was doing it during the day too, and the funny thing  is I probably still would be oblivious to it if it weren't for another blogger who is dealing with the same thing. (yeah, I can be dense sometimes) 
Milestones:  We have a stroller!  That could go in several different categories, but I couldn't think of anything else to put here.  Its pretty.  The picture online shows more of a turquoise color, but its more of a green.  Its not horrible, I still like the color, its just not as bright. 

Movement:  Oh yeah.  And I think I have been feeling her from the outside.  I say I think because the one time I did it was 1am and I may have imagined it, and the other times its just so faint I can't tell for sure.  I do know one thing though, she does NOT like things on my stomach, she will kick at them if she can get to them.  Its kinda funny, and yeah, I will admit I've been pestering her with it and doing it on purpose.
It's a...: GIRL!!!!!

Exercise: I was...but probably not so much anymore.  My assignment at Vandy ended this past Friday so there goes the 4-6+ blocks a day.  If its not too hot I may try to get out and walk during the day, but I don't know. 
Name:  Her name is still Leigha Summer, but as you may have noticed, I have changed the spelling.  I wanted it to be pretty, but something that wasn't normal, and I wanted to to be more than 3 letters.  I have wanted to spell it like that for a while, but changed to Lia for some crazy reason, but now I've changed it back.  I may change it again so I'm gonna keep this as a category LOL. 

One more thing I want to add.....If you could, say a little prayer for me that the temp agency I work for finds me something for these last few months.  I have a sickening feeling that she's not because of the baby (which sucks and is completely illegal, but unfortunately there is no way that I can prove it or believe me I would, and I really need something.  That or that I get a permanent transcription position soon too, that would allow me to stay at home with Leigha which is something that I would LOVE to do.  I don't want to put her in daycare.  

See, I'm pretty big already, and this was taken at 22 weeks!  I'm almost scared to see how much bigger she's gonna get!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Mood Swings

I figure Richard will post a blog about this sooner or later, so I'm gonna beat him to the punch.

I know that all pregnant women have mood swings.  Some more severe than others.  Some turn into completely different people when they get pregnant.  I don't think that I have done this.  I know that I have mood swings, but I know I'm not a completely different person.  But every once in a while, its a completely different story.  Most times, I'm pretty level headed.  I can keep my cool.  But there are times like tonight, that I can fly off the handle and do some pretty crazy things.

I wanted to get some icecream so I practically conned Richard into going with me.  In the process we stopped to put gas in my car.  Richard always tells me that he doesn't want me putting gas in my car with me being pregnant, which I think is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.  Yeah its not good for me to be breathing those fumes, but its sweet that he wants to do it for me. 

After getting the gas we headed to Sonic to get some icecream.  We order, pay and leave.  We had no sooner pulled back onto the street and I go to take a bite of my blast and Richard asks how it is.  For some unknown reason this scared me so badly that the spoon went halfway down my throat and scared me half to death.  I know he wasn't trying to scare me, but I think at the time that I was so scared that I almost choked on a spoon that I took it out on him.  I of course yelled at him and hit him and put icecream on his arm.  I started crying and yelled of course.  The whole time knowing that he didn't do it to scare me, but he was being genuinely sweet and was wanting to know if I was happy.

I really hate when these pregnancy hormones take over me.  I turn into such a horrible person, and he doesn't deserve it at all.  As we speak he is sitting in the living room watching a basketball game working on a hook rug stuffed cat that we are going to give our daughter when she is born.  And today while I was out with my mom, he was working hard starting to clean out Lia's room.  He cuts the grass, front and back, and does laundry and dishes when needed.  He takes the trash out without me having to beg him.  So of course when crazy pregnant Stephanie makes her appearance, I feel completely guilty.  He doesn't deserve it.  If anyone deserves to have the mood swings, he does....but directed towards me.

I love him.  He's my world and he's giving me the universe!

EDITED TO SAY:  I had Richard read this post because I was crying when I was typing it out and he wanted to know why I was crying (still under the influence of the pregnancy hormones I guess) He wanted me to say that I didn't get as violent as I made it seem.  He says I slapped him on the arm and fussed....but nothing bad.