Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Mood Swings

I figure Richard will post a blog about this sooner or later, so I'm gonna beat him to the punch.

I know that all pregnant women have mood swings.  Some more severe than others.  Some turn into completely different people when they get pregnant.  I don't think that I have done this.  I know that I have mood swings, but I know I'm not a completely different person.  But every once in a while, its a completely different story.  Most times, I'm pretty level headed.  I can keep my cool.  But there are times like tonight, that I can fly off the handle and do some pretty crazy things.

I wanted to get some icecream so I practically conned Richard into going with me.  In the process we stopped to put gas in my car.  Richard always tells me that he doesn't want me putting gas in my car with me being pregnant, which I think is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.  Yeah its not good for me to be breathing those fumes, but its sweet that he wants to do it for me. 

After getting the gas we headed to Sonic to get some icecream.  We order, pay and leave.  We had no sooner pulled back onto the street and I go to take a bite of my blast and Richard asks how it is.  For some unknown reason this scared me so badly that the spoon went halfway down my throat and scared me half to death.  I know he wasn't trying to scare me, but I think at the time that I was so scared that I almost choked on a spoon that I took it out on him.  I of course yelled at him and hit him and put icecream on his arm.  I started crying and yelled of course.  The whole time knowing that he didn't do it to scare me, but he was being genuinely sweet and was wanting to know if I was happy.

I really hate when these pregnancy hormones take over me.  I turn into such a horrible person, and he doesn't deserve it at all.  As we speak he is sitting in the living room watching a basketball game working on a hook rug stuffed cat that we are going to give our daughter when she is born.  And today while I was out with my mom, he was working hard starting to clean out Lia's room.  He cuts the grass, front and back, and does laundry and dishes when needed.  He takes the trash out without me having to beg him.  So of course when crazy pregnant Stephanie makes her appearance, I feel completely guilty.  He doesn't deserve it.  If anyone deserves to have the mood swings, he does....but directed towards me.

I love him.  He's my world and he's giving me the universe!

EDITED TO SAY:  I had Richard read this post because I was crying when I was typing it out and he wanted to know why I was crying (still under the influence of the pregnancy hormones I guess) He wanted me to say that I didn't get as violent as I made it seem.  He says I slapped him on the arm and fussed....but nothing bad.

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  1. Good old hormones. This reminds me of a time when my husband pretended he stapled his finger when I was pregnant with my first. I started sobbing, even though I KNEW sobbing was just a tad overboard :)