Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maternity jean mix up

I bought my first pair of maternity jeans a couple of months ago.  I have to order them online because at 6' tall they don't carry tall sizes in the stores (I guess they think that tall pregnant women don't exist or at least don't go out to stores because of their freakishly tall size LOL)  Anywho, these jeans have the full belly panel and are pretty comfy and most importantly the correct length.  I LOVE THEM!!

So of course I decide to order some more because I need more than one pair of jeans.  I place the order a week ago and picked them up tonight.  I was so excited about them I immediately went to try them on (yeah they are identical to my other pair, not sure why I was so excited). 

I take them out of the bag and they look a little small, but I figure that maybe they are folded a little and just look a little weird.  So I take off my other pair and start to try to pull these new ones on.  I CAN'T EVEN GET THEM UP PAST MY KNEES!!!  LOL  Obviously something is wrong.  I look at the tag...Large Tall....I try again, doesn't even come close.  So I decide to put them up to my other jeans that I have just taken off.  They are a good 4-5 inches smaller in the waist and at least a foot too short LOL.  I think that they seriously mis-labeled these things.  There is no way that these are the right size.   I know I've gotten larger since getting pregnant, but I didn't know that I got that much bigger LOL. 

I have come to the conclusion that they have got to be a small petite LOL.  Back to Penny's I go :)

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