Monday, April 11, 2011

Preggo brain has taken over!

This whole past 6 months if you had asked I would have told you that I don't forget things, don't mix up words, don't misplace things, I'm good.  I figured that Preggo brain had thankfully skipped me over.


I was re-reading my update for the ump-teenth time just now and I only JUST NOW realized that in the part that I talk about heartburn, I say "Water is giving me water" (Yeah, I read my own blog over and over.  I can't help it.  I like reading that stuff, even though I already know it. :D  LOL)

I have been trying to type this out and I can't spell half of the words correctly. 

I left an (empty) pan on a hot stove and have completely scorched it to the point that the copper has flaked off the bottom!!!  I didn't even remember turning the stove on!

I called my dog Leigha the other day (her name is Allie).  Richard looked at me a little crazy.  Thing is I didn't even know I had done it till he said something.

I poured a glass of water and put it back in the fridge and then walked ALL OVER the house trying to find it.

And I can't find my phone.

LOL.  I'm such a mess right now.  I certainly hope that this isn't 6 months of preggo brain just now catching up with me and is gonna try to cram itself into my last 3 months.  Although that would be a great source of entertainment for you and my family and friends LOL!!! 

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