Saturday, October 15, 2011

Almost mobile

After doing the Day in the Life post, and sending it to Navigating the Mothership for it to be attached to her round up, I have gotten a TON of hits on my blog (77 hits as I am typing this...that's huge for me considering I would maybe only get one a week if I was lucky).  Hopefully some of you have stuck around.  (Hi there new friends!)  I'll try not to stay completely all baby on you, but since she is my world at the moment, its pretty much all I know, and lets face it...without her, my life is INSANELY BORING!!  LOL.

In the last couple of weeks, Leigha has mastered rolling on her side.  I can put her on her back and she will roll her little bitty self over to lay on her side.  She likes that position MUCH better.  She does it when she is on the floor and I am playing with her.  She likes it when she is laying in our bed.  She likes it when she is on the changing table (and I have become a pro at diapering her while she is laying on her side) and she likes it while she is sleeping.  I know that the doctor says to put her on her back to sleep...and I do, I swear...but some time in the middle of the night she squirms her way to her side, even though she is in a sleep positioner.

At first she only rolled to her right, now in the past few days she has started rolling to her left, but she still really favors rolling on her right side.  Its cute.  She will just lay there chilling and if she can see people, she will talk to them too.

In the last week or so, she has been trying to roll over now too.  But from her back to front.  She can't do it, and it makes her so mad.  She can get her butt over and her head all the way around, but she just can't figure out what to do with her bottom arm (whichever side it may be, mostly her right of course).  She will figure it out eventually.

Well the other day she was in a good mood so I decided to put her on her stomach to see what happens.  She normally screams and cries right away whenever I do this therefore doesn't get much tummy tiny, so I figure today would be no different.  Well this little beautiful one surprised me by not only not screaming right away, but being able to really push up on her chest, AND almost roll over on her back.  I think that she will be rolling over from front to back in no time if I can just time it right so that she will be in a good mood when she does.

Its kinda bittersweet because she's getting so much bigger.  I don't want her to, but yet I do.  I want her to stay my little bitty baby forever, but I want her to get bigger to see what she will become.

I really don't know how I will do with all these milestones that are coming up....rolling over sitting up, talking, walking, running...just growing up.  Oh me, I'm such a sap! LOL

Saturday, October 8, 2011


So I was re-reading Richard's blog tonight, and I got to the "Warning" post that I had said that I was going to link to, and I realized that I never did it.  Its such an awesome post, I just have to share it.   And don't worry, just because the post is titled Warning, doesn't mean that there are bad pics, or graphic language or something you need to be concerned about reading or seeing.  Its actually VERY cute, and funny.  You'll like it....I PROMISE!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day in the life.....Wednesday, 10/5/2011

12:04 am.  I am woken up by a little miss who is just dying to eat.  This has completely thrown off my routine as she normally does not wake up at this time, but she fell asleep at about 8pm the night before after downing a bottle, so I guess she is due.  I feed her and she falls right back to sleep,  as do I after snuggling deeper under my covers.

4:00 am.  OK, this is more normal.  She is wanting to eat again.  This is usually when she want to eat in the morning, so I am used to this.  However, for this feeding, I can smell something brewing in her britches, so unfortunately I have to change her, which means she is going to wake up, which means I have at least a 2 hour ordeal ahead of me to change her, feed her and get her back to sleep.  

5:45 am.  Richard just left for work, the beautiful one is laying next to me WIDE AWAKE, I decide that in order for me to even remotely think about falling back to sleep she has to go back in her bed.  I think that I fell asleep before her, but who cares, we both fall asleep for a while.

8:30 am.  Time to get up for good.  I feed her again, get up, let the dogs out, put her in her swing, check facebook, pinterest, email, google reader, and let the dogs back in.  Leigha is still awake just swinging, and this time she is starting to whimper so I go change her and get her dressed.  She has to wear something cute because we are having pictures taken today.  I put her in her swing, take a shower, and get ready to meet Kristy for lunch. while Leigha naps.

10:00 am.  I watch a little TV because I just love Alton Brown and Guy Fieri.  :D  My 2 favs on the food network.  

12:00 am.  I pull up to Kristy's house and we head to The Corner Pub for lunch.  Leigha is wide awake, and I am ready with a bottle, but she decides she doesn't want to eat then, so she naps during lunch (SCORE!!)  I get wonderful chicken tenders, and Kristy gets a steak salad.  Those always look so good, maybe next time, I will try it (I always say that)

1:30 pm  We are finished with lunch, and on our way to the park.  But first of course, we gotta have ice cream, so we stop by sonic for a blast.

1:45 pm.  By this time Leigha is screaming for a bottle, so I prop her bottle up on a blanket and eat my ice cream before it melts.

2:15 pm  Because of some very inconsiderate grounds keepers who cranked up their leaf blowers and blew dust and gas fumes all over us, our ice cream and the baby, we rush away from that park.  There wasn't any real pretty place to take pictures anyway, at least none that weren't very crowded.   But unfortunately I didn't get a good pic of them because we left so fast.   (Like I was buckling Leigha back in her car seat as we rushed back to the car.)

2:30 pm.  We make it to Long Hunter State Park.  I get to wrap Leigha up and off we go down the walking trails by the lake.  I wanted my friend Kristy to come because #1, she's an awesome friend to hang out with,  #2, she's a great photographer, and I will never turn down an opportunity for her to take pictures of Leigha, ad #3, I had been asked for photos of me wearing Leigha by the makers of the sleepy wrap (maybe for the website, who knows) We do a little posing, I take some pics, Kristy does too, she teaches me a little about photography, we take more pics.  Just basically have a good time walking around, watching people, watching ducks, talking gossip, that kinda thing.

3:15 pm.  Its time to head home.  I drop Kristy off at her house and head home to unpack my pantry so that Richard can move it today to tear out the floor.  We have someone who wants to buy it so it has to be up by Friday. Of course when I get home, I can't help but get online to get the pics that Kristy took while I feed Leigha.  They are really really good.and of course, I play more on facebook to see the all important stuff that happened to other people while I was out.  I dawdle online until 4:45 when I start clearing the pantry before have to start work at 5, nothing like procrastination :D.

5:30 pm  Richard is home and starts to tear out the floor.  Its a little harder than he expected it to be, but we are going to get money for it, and we both hate this floor, so he just cusses through it, thank goodness Leigha is still little so we can get away with it.
6:00 pm.  I FINALLY get some report to come in.  I've been sitting here for about an hour waiting on work as usual.  Playing solitaire and eating my Werther's, with Leigha asleep in the pack n play next to my desk.   I don't know why I haven't brought this thing in here sooner.  I can put her in it with her aquarium playing music and she is as content as can be.
6:30 pm  She wakes up, nurses again, and afterwards I go back and forth between typing reports and putting her paci in her mouth and trying to help Richard by moving things out of his way without getting IN his way.
7:30 pm.  Break from work.  I have to decide what I am going to dress Leigha in tomorrow.  My grandma is in town from California, so this will be the first time that she will meet Leigha.  I can't wait.  I want to find her a beautiful outfit to put her in so that I can take lots and lots of pictures of Leigha and her Hun Hun. (That's what all her great grandkids call her).

8:00 pm  Work is now non-existent, and Leigha is now sound asleep in her bassinet.  Which is fine, but I kinda have her strapped to her bouncy (and I am NOT telling you with what, because its kinda odd, but totally works) and am starting to wonder just how I am going to get her out without waking her too much.   But she will need to eat anyways, so I guess its all good if she wakes up a little.

8:45 pm.  Laura on Navigating the Mothership  (The wonderful woman who has inspired me to do this post) has posted her day in the life, and I have a little mini freak out that I have missed the deadline for me to link up to her page LOL.  All is good though and I continue reading her post.

9:15 pm  I start working on my post again, and start to wonder if maybe mine is a little too mundane.  Its kinda boring.  Work, feed the kid and sleep, and kitchen remodel.  Oh well, it is, what it is,  Its a day in my life, and its not all that exciting at the moment LOL.
9:20 pm.  I realize that I haven't eaten dinner yet, and I am completely starving and starting to get a little shaky because I may have had a few too many Werther's.  I need something salty STAT!  I go to find popcorn only to discover that Richard has unplugged the microwave and I have NO IDEA what I have done with the popcorn.   Looks like I am going to have to eat some peanut butter.  I really need to go grocery shopping.  I will have to do that Saturday morning.

9:30 pm.  In the middle of the peanut butter hunt, I discover that Richard has in fact, NOT unplugged or moved the microwave (or maybe he did move and plugged it back in, yes entirely possible) So I can make popcorn, but by this time I am really wanting peanut butter, so I find the popcorn and get both.  and a Sprite. Dinner of champions.... in the middle of a kitchen remodel.... on a budget LOL.
9:35 pm, I totally almost break my neck trying to get to the fridge to get butter to put on the popcorn by sliding on some of the floor that we Richard has taken up.  (BTW, first time I have used that cross out text, too cool, I am so proud of me LOL)
9:58 pm.  Just when I think my work day is over, I remember that its Wednesday and I have one more hour.  UGH.  One more hour of sitting here waiting for a report to come across my computer to type.  This is really getting ridiculous, but unfortunately we have been told not to say anything to our leads because apparently they don't need to deal with that stuff.  It sucks, but oh well, its a paycheck, even if its a small one. 

10:05 pm.  I was waiting to feed Leigha until I went to bed at 10, but since that's not going to happen, I decide to feed her now since she just won't accept the paci anymore.  It takes me nearly 45 minutes to feed her tonight because she is doing her weird pulling off thing, and crying in between.  I try to burp, sometimes I get one, and finally I can't handle her pain anymore and I get the Mylecon.  I swear that stuff works miracles.  I give her the dose and almost instantly Leigha is back to being her sweet quiet, smiling self again.   I really have to figure out what it is that I am eating or drinking that makes her like this.  I'm thinking either cokes or sugar, but every time I try to cut it out of my diet,  I forget and eat some of it.
10:45 pm  6 more minutes!!  I start to prepare to get Leigha to go to sleep.  Richard conked out long ago,  so its all me at this point.  I am hoping that since she is wide awake now squirming and talking in her pack n play that she will wear herself out by 11 and we can all fall into our respective beds and asleep.   She is already starting to get cranky and fuss when she spits her paci out, so she is at least headed in the right direction.  I realize that I really wanted to give her a bath tonight since she is going to meet my grandma in the morning, but that's OK, I can give her a quickie bath in the morning before I get her dressed.
11:00 pm.  FINALLY!!!  My work week is over, so I shut down my computer, gather up the beautiful one and head towards the bedroom trying not to trip over anything in my path.
11:20  Leigha is in her little bed, asleep for now, and I am trying to wind down for the night by watching a little TV.  I am so tired that I try to fall asleep, but Leigha has other ideas and by 11:45 is up crying again.  So I try to nurse her back to sleep in the living room so she doesn't wake up Richard.  Success FINALLY comes about 1:00 am when I put her back in her bed for the night.  I guess she needed just a little more to eat.  But in the back of my mind, I think she may be starting to get her days and nights mixed up yet again.  But time will tell.  By 1:15 am, I practically can't keep my eyes open long enough to figure out how to turn out a light and as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out for the count as well, for at least a few hours till I have to get up and do it all over! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

2 Month Letter and Update.

My dearest beautiful

You are getting so big.  I can't believe that it has already been 2 months since you have come into our life.   In some ways it seems like you have been here forever, and others, it seems like  you just got here yesterday.

We took you to the doctor yesterday and as expected, you are growing wonderfully!!  You are now 11 lbs, 8.5 oz and 23 1/4 in long.  Which means that you are still in the 90th percentile for height and about the 75th for weight.  You are also in the 90th percentile for head size, but that just tells me that you are going to be a very tall, skinny, smart little girl, which is fine by me.

This past month we have noticed that you are DEFINITELY more alert.  You started to get your days and nights mixed up.  But after a couple of days of keeping you up and only letting you sleep for about an hour at a time, and then also flipping you head over heels (its an old wives tale, you can ask me about it later) you are now sleeping a lot better.  We can get you to go to sleep at 9 most nights and you will sleep till about 2 or 3 before you want to eat again.  This is fabulous for me.

You are definitely smiling more and more and I can get you to smile on command practically.  You love to be tickled and talked to and played with.  And you are squealing more all the time.  You are SO LOUD!!!  I can tell you are going to be a screamer, which is fine by me, but it will drive your Dad nuts!
Sorry that photo is upside down, I don't know why its doing that, it is right side up on the computer, but I can't rotate it on the blog.....if anyone is reading and knows how to fix this, please tell me
You are slowly but surely starting to into some of your 3-6 month clothes.  You haven't outgrown your 0-3 month clothes yet, but its coming in the next couple of weeks,  Some onesies are pretty snug.   This is bittersweet.  I want you to grow up and get bigger because you will become incredibly fun the older you get, but you won't be my little squishy beautiful girl anymore.  You will become my wiggly hyper little girl.

Speaking of squishy, you still do your squishy face when you are waking up and when I take you out of your carseat.  Its incredibly cute and I just love it.  I may have to have your Dad take a video of it so that I can always remember your cute little squishy face.  I'm almost positive that it won't be something you carry with you when you get older.

You are also starting to loose your newborn cry and get a big girl cry.  You do this weird little yelpy type cry.  It is too entirely cute.  You have started getting your tears and sometimes now when you cry, you have tears running down your face, which is completely heart breaking.
You also cough a lot, and usually when you do, you start to gag and choke and spit up.  So, the doctor says that you have reflux, and that we need to keep your head elevated.  Which I have been doing anyway from day one, because lets face it, who likes to sleep flat on their backs.  You may be a baby, but you still have to be comfortable, and that's just not comfortable, so we propped you up a little. 

You love to have your diaper changed, and usually you cry your little heart out when you have a dirty diaper, but once we get you in your room to change you, your mood changes completely and you spend the whole time smiling at your bubbles and making shrieking noises, its so cute.  

You are asleep in your swing right now (which you love by the way, and Mommy and Nanny got it for a STEAL at a consignment sale, you will learn that you have a very thrifty Mommy, and I will teach you how to be as well, saving money is a wonderful thing baby girl.) and you keep waking up a little bit, and smiling and making noises and go back to sleep. 

You eat like a champ about every 3 hours.  Sometimes Mommy has a hard time keeping up with as much as you want to eat, but we are still working things out, and I will do everything that I possibly can to make it work.  I enjoy those times so much.  You are so sweet, and I will never forget those times that I am feeding you.  You don't latch well, unless I hold your head, but we are slowly learning how to do it so that you get enough.

I know that I am forgetting some of the things that I want to put in here.  I need to start typing it all out more often so that I (we) can look back on it some day and remember.  But I love you so unbelievably much sweetheart.  You hear it all the time that once you have a baby you love them more than you ever thought you could love something as much as you love your baby, but it is so true.   I am so proud to be your Mom and to have you as my daughter.  You are the best baby, but of course I am a little biased.

I love you beautiful, you are my everything.  This next month is going to be wonderful.

Millions of hugs and millions of kisses every day,
Love, Mommy

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Consignment sale junkie

Since my last post, I have now been to consignment sales 3 different times (I don't know what I was so nervous about LOL), and don't tell Richard but I have been googling, looking for more in my area to go to :).

I went to the one last Saturday, where I registered to go early as a first time mom, and I was able to find a swing.  Its not the plug in electric one that I REALLY REALLY wanted that they had (I saw a picture of it on their facebook page) but its the same type.  Its a Fisher Price, Nature's touch cradle swing. It plays music, has nature sounds, a mobile, mirror, play tray with toys on it.  But downside its battery powered.  But I can get over that,  It serves its purpose.  It rocks from side to side instead of front to back.  She much prefers to be rocked from side to side.  Everything that we have that moves she is rocked side to side, so she ended up not liking the swing that we had gotten as a gift from some friends of ours.  So I will probably save it and take it to the grandparent's house or sell it online or something like that. 

At that particular sale I was able to get lots and lots of toys for her as well for Christmas.  I got her 12 mini board books for $2, several outfits for the winter.  A bouncy chair for my parent's so I don't have to drag mine over there all the time anymore.  and I got a cute penguin bowling set, and a ride to push toy for when she starts to learn to walk, and I got a popping machine, and a talking dog that talks when you push hands and feet and tummy and nose.  So she is good with toys for Christmas now.  At least that's what I keep telling Richard.  I am sure that there will be other things that I will buy her.

On Wednesday I went to a local consignment sale near my house that the PTO of a local school was holding.  She didn't have that many winter type clothing in the sizes that she was needing, so I needed to get some sleepers and outfits and things like that.  I cleaned up on sleepers.  I got 10 of them from sizes 3-6 to 9-12 months, and I didn't pay more than $4 for any of them.  I even got 3 of them for $4!  Pretty good deal if you ask me.  I had also bought a couple of outfits that I really wanted that I didn't want to chance them not having if I went back, I ended up spending about $27.  I got the 10 sleepers, 1 coat, and 2 outfits.  Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

Well Friday, I decided to go back.  They were having 50% off most of the items, and I wanted to get some actual outfits.  I didn't want to spend a whole lot on Wednesday when I went, and I figured that there would be lots left over and I was right.  There was a TON.  I was able to get probably 10 more outfits, all half price, and they are all separates too.  Lots with jeans so they can be used with future children, (girl or boy) so there are tons of posibilties.  I also found a ring sling for $4!!!!  I couldn't pass it up.  I already have a sling, but its a little small, and this is adjustable so it can be used when she gets bigger.  Its a deal I couldn't pass up.

But with these past 3 times going to sales, I am completely addicted.  I have to go to more to see if I can get that great deal.  I just can't help it.  I'm a sale junkie anyways, and this just feeds that passion LOL.  I don't know how I can hold out till the spring sales when I can get her spring and summer wardrobe stocked :D