Saturday, October 15, 2011

Almost mobile

After doing the Day in the Life post, and sending it to Navigating the Mothership for it to be attached to her round up, I have gotten a TON of hits on my blog (77 hits as I am typing this...that's huge for me considering I would maybe only get one a week if I was lucky).  Hopefully some of you have stuck around.  (Hi there new friends!)  I'll try not to stay completely all baby on you, but since she is my world at the moment, its pretty much all I know, and lets face it...without her, my life is INSANELY BORING!!  LOL.

In the last couple of weeks, Leigha has mastered rolling on her side.  I can put her on her back and she will roll her little bitty self over to lay on her side.  She likes that position MUCH better.  She does it when she is on the floor and I am playing with her.  She likes it when she is laying in our bed.  She likes it when she is on the changing table (and I have become a pro at diapering her while she is laying on her side) and she likes it while she is sleeping.  I know that the doctor says to put her on her back to sleep...and I do, I swear...but some time in the middle of the night she squirms her way to her side, even though she is in a sleep positioner.

At first she only rolled to her right, now in the past few days she has started rolling to her left, but she still really favors rolling on her right side.  Its cute.  She will just lay there chilling and if she can see people, she will talk to them too.

In the last week or so, she has been trying to roll over now too.  But from her back to front.  She can't do it, and it makes her so mad.  She can get her butt over and her head all the way around, but she just can't figure out what to do with her bottom arm (whichever side it may be, mostly her right of course).  She will figure it out eventually.

Well the other day she was in a good mood so I decided to put her on her stomach to see what happens.  She normally screams and cries right away whenever I do this therefore doesn't get much tummy tiny, so I figure today would be no different.  Well this little beautiful one surprised me by not only not screaming right away, but being able to really push up on her chest, AND almost roll over on her back.  I think that she will be rolling over from front to back in no time if I can just time it right so that she will be in a good mood when she does.

Its kinda bittersweet because she's getting so much bigger.  I don't want her to, but yet I do.  I want her to stay my little bitty baby forever, but I want her to get bigger to see what she will become.

I really don't know how I will do with all these milestones that are coming up....rolling over sitting up, talking, walking, running...just growing up.  Oh me, I'm such a sap! LOL

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