Thursday, June 28, 2012

The countdown is on!

I think that I need to title every single post "A bunch of random stuff" because that's what they all end up being. LOL

In 26 days, it will be Leigha's Birthday (and Richard's too).  I have been in party planning mode for the last 6 months.  I know what party decorations we are going to use, I know what her theme is (Hugs and stitches) I know what people I want to invite, I know what food we are going to serve, I know what my plans for that day are going to be, but I am in NO WAY prepared for this, but then I wonder if any parent really is.

I finally ordered her invitations from Shutterfly the other day.  I am super happy with them.  I want to post them here but I can't figure out how to save the image and block out the address and stuff ;)  I kept hoping that if I delayed ordering them long enough then I wouldn't have to send them of and then I wouldn't have my baby turn 1.  No such luck I think.  

And how in the world have I not caught onto Shutterfly before?!  I not only ordered her invites, but also about 50 pictures (to fill most of the empty picture frames that we have around the house LOL) and have recently ordered a photo book, all free....well except for shipping, but still, not a bad deal to get a really nice photo book for $8.  (To see it, just click on the link, I can't figure out how to get it on the blog, if you know how, please let me know)

We were going to do lunch and grill out hamburgers, but Richard mentioned that someone will have to spend all that time outside in the heat grilling those hamburgers, which of course isn't fair to the person who has to do it (either him or his dad since the party is at his parent's house since our AC is out) so I am making everything.  I think I am pretty well set on the food.  I am planning on little smokies, meatballs, chips and dips, fruit...probably watermelon and cantaloupe, and pineapple, and of course the cake.  I think that should be plenty of food.  I have no clue how many people will be attending, I guess if lots of them don't come, I can adjust the amount.

I have also contacted a lady that I found online through Craigslist who has extras of the plates and cups and tablecloths that are in the design that I want to decorate with.  Problem is she lives over an hour away, and I really don't know if its worth driving that far to spend $20 to save $40.  She has lots more stuff than I will need, especially tablecloths and such, but I can always bunch them up and use them as banners or put under her highchair when she does her smash cake or whatever, or make a photo booth kinda thing with them.

All-in-all I guess, I'm pretty excited about it, she is 1, we get to see friends, I get to cook.  I just wish it didn't have to get here so FAST!

Monday, June 11, 2012


The subject of weaning Leigha has been coming up a lot lately.  By me, by Richard, by my Mom.  I always knew that I wanted to make it a year, which I will.  After that, I am fine with weaning Leigha.  Although if you go further, that's fantastic!  Its just not for me. 

I have managed to get her down to 2 feedings a day.  Once before she goes to bed and once when she wakes up.  I am hoping to sometime in the next month get that down to one feeding a day.  However, I'm not entirely sure which one to cut out first.  I'm kinda leaning more towards the morning feeding and then leaving the bedtime one for after she turns one.   

Mom tells me just to stop.  Just don't offer it anymore, that she will get used to it, but I just can't do it.  I don't want to go cold turkey (which is what my mom suggested) because with me not being always very emotionally strong at the moment, I don't want to add that stress to my life, which of course, mom doesn't understand.  Now, the question is....exactly how do I do it.  With cutting out the other feedings in the past they have slowly been replaced by eating baby food and an occasional sippy cup and sometimes a stronger interest in playing with toys, but I don't know if that will work with these 2 feedings.  She doesn't take a bottle, so I don't know if I should just suck it up and go cold turkey, or if there is a better way. 

I have tried giving her a little sip of whole milk about a week ago which she immediately threw back up just seconds after swallowing it, so I'm also afraid of some sort of an allergy, and I haven't tried giving her any since.  I'm thinking almond or goats milk may be another way to go. 

Looks like I have some research to do. Or if anyone has any suggestions.

43 days till she's 1.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Random stuff

This afternoon it hit me....Next month, I'm going to have a 1 year old!!!  Holy heck, how is that possible?  Yes, yes, I know that she is only 10 months old, so technically she has 2 more months, but seriously at the end of July she will be 1.  I don't understand how time goes so stinkin FAST! 

This past week she has learned to clap, and now she doesn't stop.  No matter what she is doing she thinks she needs to stop in the middle and clap.  This includes playing, eating, diaper changes, getting dressed, taking a bath, etc.  We have to stop and clap for her. 

She finally has her second bottom tooth in.  Thank goodness, it poked through a couple of days ago.  Hmm, she has 2 teeth and I still have yet to learn what her teething symptoms are.  Yikes.

She has also learned how to 'dance' at some point.  She will stand (or kneel) at something and if music comes on, whether its from a toy or on the TV she will start to bounce.  Its so stinkin cute!  I can't hardly stand it.  of course when I try to get her to do it on video, she becomes more interested in the camera than dancing.  Oh well, one day I will.

She is starting to creep around the furniture.  She will also walk holding anyone elses hands but my own.  If she knows that its me holding her hand, she immediately lifts her legs in the air and hangs.  Apparently Mommies aren't supposed to help you walk.  I didn't know that ;)  But she is pretty good at walking too.  Its just a matter of time I'm sure.  I'm sure I will get in shape pretty quickly at that point because if its any indication of her crawling EVERYWHERE, she will take off running and never stop.

Overall, Its been hard.  It still is hard.  I know its going to continue to be hard.  I have recently come to the realization that I believe that I have PPD.  I denied it for so long because whenever I would go back to see my doctor and tell him about it and try to get him to help me, he just kinda blew me off and told me to take Leigha to her Grandparents house and get a good nights sleep.  I figured that since he's a doctor, he knew what he was talking about more than I did.  I know that's not the case.  But deep down I knew it wasn't a chronic lack of sleep.  I knew that something else was wrong.  I had to try too hard to be happy and it was exhausting, and oh the mood swings.  And I really feel that I have missed out on the first part of Leigha's life because I've been so unhappy.  I know I was there, I have the pics to prove it, but if I didn't there was no way that you could convince me that some of the things happened, I just clear don't remember all....But since Richard's insurance has now taken effect (long story don't get me started) I have made an appointment to go talk to someone.  Hopefully this will all make me feel a lot better.  Hopefully I will be more in control of my life, and hopefully I will get back to normal again.