Friday, March 25, 2011

She has a name!!!

For a couple of months before we got pregnant, every once in a while Richard would come to me and suggest a name. Girl or boy, didn't matter, and it was usually just out of the blue.  During one of those times he came up with a name.  I liked it, but it was VERY early on and we weren't sure what we were having yet.  We eventually decided to table the name discussion because we decided it was a waste of energy to come up with a boy name if it was a girl and vice versa.

Through that whole time one name kinda stuck.  I think its cute enough for a little girl and grown up enough for the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation (Yeah, I have large dreams for her already).  I didn't care for the original spelling of that name though so I researched and asked some people and came up with a version of the name that I loved (Richard says he doesn't care).  

So we have a first name, now we just had to come up with a middle name.  We searched through some baby books, and I searched the database at work (helps to have a job at a university LOL) and came up with Rose.  I suggested it to him and he of course didn't like the name, and as a joke started spouting out different names or flowers, months, and seasons.  However, there was one that sounded really nice, and so her name was picked.

Lia Summer Hughes

That will be my daughter's name.  Lia Summer will be the one we go with if no other name pops into our world by the middle of June.  Essentially we are closing the door on searching for names, but we aren't locking it till mid-June. :) Oh and I will probably change the spelling of her first name several times before she is born, but that will be her name.

I want to shout it from the roof tops and post it on facebook, and tell everyone that I know that our baby girl is Lia Summer Hughes.  I want to get the cute little blankets and bibs with her initials on it, or paint the cute letters.  I have to hold off on my excitement till June though.  But our beautiful daughter has a beautiful name, and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

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