Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 17-20 update

I have got to figure out if there is a way to form a template on this thing so that when I get a wild hair and decide to make an update, I don't have to scroll back through posts and copy and paste the questions then delete the previous answers LOL.  (Yeah I'm complaining because I have so far to scroll back since I post so much!  LOL :rolls eyes:)
So far things have been good lately.  As you saw in the last post (maybe) I got another temp job with Vandy, just for a few weeks, but still its a job.  Spring has sprung (lets hope a mid spring snow storm doesn't ruin that for me) and I, or rather she, has acquired a rather large wardrobe already. (Or at least I think so)

Weight Gain: If we go by the scale from this morning I am UP 2 pounds.  Not sure if I should freak out about this, or if I should just let it go.  All the websites and books say that I should have gained 10-15 pounds by now, but nope, only 2.  Now if we go by the scale from 5 minutes ago, I am up 10....I didn't know that I have eaten 8 pounds of food and water today, but apparently I have....kinda freaky, and a little gross!

Symptoms:  I feel GREAT!!! This past week I was really dragging.  It literally just hit me one day and I couldn't hardly stay awake at work.  I was like that for about a week or so, and then last night it was wonderful.  I got a full nights' sleep.  I didn't have to wake up a bagillion times to pee, or maybe I did and am now just sleeping through that part, and I feel refreshed and ready to go when normally I would be napping at this time.  Its wonderful, I just hope that it sticks around.
Cravings:  Still milk.  I am not drinking NEARLY as much of the good stuff since I started working again, I think I am down to 1 gallon a week.  I have been filling my face with water and lots of it.   I have also added chicken to the mix of cravings now too.  Not sure how long that one will last, but I want it with every meal, not sure why I don't just make it, but I do want it.
Aversions:  Still Mexican. 
I am loving: That I have little baby girl stuff in my house, and its all so TINY too!!!  I can't believe that I'm gonna have a baby that will fit into all that stuff!
I miss:  Being able to suck my stomach muscles in.  Not that I was doing a good job of it before hand since I did get the  "are you pregnant" question sometimes, but I miss being able to do that.  Sometimes it leaves me wondering if people think that I am just fat or if I'm pregnant.  Therefore I usually try to rest my hand on my stomach like a pregnant woman would just so they would lean towards thinking the latter LOL.

I am looking forward to:  Feeling kicks.  I can already tell where she is, and I think that I am starting to feel flutters, but I am not entirely sure.  Everyone says it feels like gas bubbles, or a goldfish in your stomach, but I don't feel those things.  Sometimes I think I am feeling a flutter, but then I can tell where she is and its not close to the movements, so I have no clue.  I wish ultrasounds were cheaper so I could get one when I felt them to see if its her.   

I'm spazzing about:  The every 2 week appointments.  I know that I am only 20 weeks, but I have my appointment next Friday at 21 weeks, and then a month later it will be 25 weeks, and then the next appointments will be every 2 weeks.  WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!?  Not only that, but if I get another assignment, I will have to take off work what will seem like ALL. THE. TIME!  The 2 weeks thing kinda seems like overkill, but what do I know, I'm a first time Mom. 
Milestones: We have bedding.  And not just any bedding,  its my favorite and I got a FANTASTIC deal on it too.  It is used, but I don't mind that since its in FABULOUS condition!  I am so excited to start on the room.  I can't hardly help myself. 

She also has clothes.  My mom is starting to go crazy.  Not that I mind.  It is her first grandchild, and heck the kid will need clothes.  I'm just a little worried with her wardrobe contribution and the inevitable clothing stockpile that we will receive at showers where we are going to put it all, especially since Richard says no closet organizer.

Movement:  I know she's moving from the different places that I have seen the bulge in my stomach when I am lying down, but I can't really tell when she is moving.  Sometimes I will feel pressure and then I can, but its not all the time. 
It's a...: GIRL!!!!!

Exercise:  I'm walking about 4 blocks a day.  2 on the way to the office and 2 back to my car.  Hey, its exercise.  :D
Oh and here is a pic of her bedding, and another pic of my sweet girl.  I call it her creepy alien picture. (yes, I am aware that I just called my child creepy and an alien, both could be considered insults, but can you honestly tell me that its not a creepy looking picture?) 
  The bedding is called "Banana fish Bubble gum" which I think is quite possibly the cutest name for a bedding set.  It has inspired the theme of bubbles for her room, which of course I am running away with.  

I will be hanging paper lanterns over her crib.  Possibly that many, but maybe less.  I really like the look of the lanterns, and they are SUPER CHEAP.  I can get 8 of them for $15 bucks!!!  When we get them all set up I will post a pic of the finished room. 

And 2 more pics of her sweet face.  The first one is still a cute one, but the last one is a bit alien like LOL.

Oh and on the name front, I think we MAY have a winner.  Of course that could all change, but the front runner is Lia Summer.  I think its beautiful and Richard does too because he came up with both names!!!  But we are both thinking about it, testing it out, using it on her, so therefore no facebook announcements on it yet, but maybe soon.

I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend, its supposed to be warm here I think, but possibly raining, but I intend to spend lots of it outdoors, and if I can't then all the windows that can open will be ;) 

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