Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pregnancy #2 differences

I was thinking the other night while laying in bed during one of my 2 am insomnia sessions about the things that are different with pregnancy this time around.

I know that I am more stressed this pregnancy.  I think because I've now been there before.  I know that taking care of a newborn isn't as easy as I had thought the first time around.  And add to the fact that Leigha runs non stop (seriously, this child doesn't walk, running is the only speed she knows), doesn't do much to ease my mind at all LOL.  Ahh there is something to be said for blissful ignorance LOL.

I have been more lax about taking medications if I need them.  If I need a Tylenol, I'll take it without thinking twice.  Cold medicine? if its on the approved list, I'll take it.  Unisom, there is a box in my cabinet too.  Zantac has also been my lifesaver this time around too and I haven't given it much thought.  With Leigha's pregnancy I wouldn't take anything for the heartburn and I really didn't need to as long as I ate at least 1 pickle in the afternoon/evening.  This time around pickles stopped working about 12 weeks in...2 weeks into the heartburn, and thank goodness too because after eating so many, I didn't really want any more...still don't, I can't even eat them on burgers anymore LOL.

We agreed on the name so much quicker.  It took maybe 2 weeks.  I should have done this the last time, and forced Richard to narrow down a list, but I didn't.  Although come to think of it, we only needed to pick one name because we have known forever what his middle name would be.

I haven't been so anal about getting his room done as I was with Leigha's.  Hers was done about the time I entered the third trimester.  It was perfectly done, with the exception of making curtains which was finished the second week she was here.  This time as I sit here at 33 weeks, Blake's room is still a mess.  Granted its not AS big of a mess as it once was thanks to Richard helping me last week throw out and go through LOTS of boxes and things, but I know that it will either barely be done by the time he gets here, or will be finished shortly after...and I don't really mind.

Belly pics are pretty much non-existent.  If it weren't for the November birth board I'm a member of on baby center, I wouldn't take any. 

I know for a fact that I am MUCH bigger this time around.  Painfully bigger.  Can't hardly move bigger, Wake up crying because I can't move bigger.  If I didn't know for a fact it was only one...I would swear there were twins in there.

Poor Blake.  We have some definite second kid syndrome going on in this house LOL.

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