Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 10, 11, 12 update

So I figure since no one reads this blog anyway (at least I doubt it) I don't really have to update every week.  I know that I should just at least for my own reference, but oh well.  It is what it is.

Weight Gain: Still down a couple pounds. 

Symptoms:  Still none.   No morning sickness, but still some nausea.    
Cravings:  Nothing really.  No real "need to have it all the time" cravings.  I crave some things, but when I get them, I'm done.  I usually wont want it for a while. 
Aversions:  Just what I have once craved...and currently Mexican.
Sleep:  Still like sleep, but I can now currently go a whole day without taking a nap and I'm not dead on my feet by 4. 
I am loving:  The fact that its all going by so fast.  I want it to slow down a little because I honestly am a little overwhelmed, but I want it to go by fast to I can get to the really big milestones...finding out the gender, feeling it move...etc.
I miss:  Being able to eat what I want when I want.  Now there are so many caffeine (which I limit myself, but still) No lunch meat, etc.  I miss food.

I am looking forward to:  Well I'm not really sure.  I don't know what is supposed to happen next, but I look forward to feeling the baby.   

I'm spazzing about: There is a baby in there!.  Still hard to believe.

Best moment this week:  Hearing the heart beat.  Doc said it was 160 beats per minute.  That only leads me further to believe that its a girl. 
Milestones: We got a good stash of baby clothes this week from Richards cousin.  They are so cute, and SO TINY!!!  One is orange, Richard says its going...but it has the cutest little duck on it, so it stays ;)   Can that be a milestone? 

Movement:  Sometimes I lie on my stomach hoping to feel that little flutter. Sometimes I feel this little bubbly feeling that you read about on the Internet, but it seems like it would be too high, but I think that if I lie on my stomach I can feel it, and I think that I can, but only time will tell.
It's a...: Dot! I'll let you know in March.

Exercise:  I am actually getting some.....I have a new job and have to park about 2-3 blocks away and I walk there and back every day...that counts right?  Its better than laying in bed all day ;) LOL. 

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