Tuesday, July 30, 2013

25 week update

Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

Today I am exactly 25 weeks.  My due date is still 11-12-13.  I started out weighing 235, and today I weighed 245.  I'm going to attempt to not gain more than 10 additional pounds, but we shall see what happens.  I'm not going to stress if I do.
Cravings:  I'm still craving fresh foods

Aversions: Heavy fried foods are now on my list of things I just can't handle a lot of. 

Symptoms: Heartburn.  OMG the heartburn is so much worse than it was with Leigha.  I've had to resort to taking a nightly Zantac and more frequently one during the day as well. It is the most uncomfortable thing ever.  Pickles stopped working a couple weeks ago.  Good I guess considering I was getting sick of eating them.  And I used to love pickles. 

I am loving: That I can now see my stomach flip and roll and kick.  Its one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  No one has felt him yet though.  I'm waiting till closer to the end before I make Richard feel him, but I try to get Leigha to and she just doesn't sit still long enough.

Sleep: Is getting better.  When I remember to take my Zantac, its much better.  Leigha is getting 4 more teeth in (her canine teeth) so she cries out in the middle of the night quite often, but doesn't really wake up, but that of course wakes me up.  I should probably turn off the monitor, but I just can't bring myself to do that yet.
I miss:  Sleep, and not have to pee every 15 minutes. 

I am looking forward to: Getting his room set up.  I STILL haven't started to clean it out which is starting to give me anxiety attacks whenever I think about it, but I have a definite plan of where i want everything to go and a slight handle on paint colors, which will be more locked in when I actually find a bedding set that I like.  The room will be in a frog theme, and I'm just trying to find one cute enough for my tastes.

I'm spazzing aboutNot having hardly anything for this baby but 3 totes of clothes.  I may have gone a little overboard.  Sure I have Leigha's swing and bouncy and stuff, but none of the major things.  No crib, bedding, monitor, diapers, clean room etc.  AND starting at the end of August, I start the 2 week appointments.  How in the WORLD is this going by so fast!  

Best moment this week:  I really can't come up with one.  I had an appointment today and the doctor said I'm measuring about 2 weeks ahead...that was pretty cool, but nothing I'm taking to heart.  Next time is my GTT test.  Ohh the drink, I can't hardly wait!  (kidding!!)

Milestones:  Oh oh oh oh!!!!  We came up with a name!  LOL.  How can I skip that?!  His name will be Blake.  Blake Thomas.  We were debating on 2 names and then had a new front walkway poured and I told Richard to put Leigha's initial in the wet cement along with her hand and foot prints and then I told him that I wishes the new baby could have something in it too and suggested that we put what his initials would be and it just kinda came out as BTH.  So his name is set in stone...LITERALLY!!! LOL

Movement:Definitely on a schedule.  I have 5 times a day when I can set a clock by him.  He definitely already has his schedule down pat. 
It's a...: Boy, a boy...a beautiful baby Boy!   

Exercise:   Chasing Leigha.  She has become a hellion now and runs away from me at every request that I make...even getting into her chair and eating.  She is still doing this and it is still pretty much all the exercise I get...I'm starting to get winded really quickly these days.

Diet: Lots and lots of watermelon, milk and meats...mainly beef and chicken. 

Goals for the upcoming week:  As always, drink more water.

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