Monday, February 28, 2011

Random things

  • So this blog is to document my pregnancy, but maybe I'm letting it become too baby related and not so much a part of me and how I'm doing with this whole thing.  I think that I am gonna try posting more to help that out because I think it will force me to talk about something other than updates every few weeks, which if you don't know me can probably get a little boring. 
  • I can't stop itching.  It is driving me NUTS!!!  My stomach my boobs, my arms, hips, back....they all itch.  No amount of lotion stops it.  No hydrocortizone cream helps either.  I am at a loss as to what to do.  I told Richard about it and was scratching periodically throughout the night.  Good news kinda is that it has turned into a form of entertainment for him, he spent nearly the entire night laughing at me and calling me a monkey LOL.  (He's not truly an ass I promise, he thinks he's trying to help by making me laugh and taking my mind off it and putting it onto how funny I didn't work, he got several dog toys thrown at his head, all of which missed which just made him laugh harder).  He did at one point try to be sweet and scratch my stomach for me, but of course when you itch, and someone else tries to scratch it for you, they just can't do as good of a job as you can as weird as it sounds. LOL 
  •  I'm gassy...I will get up after eating or drinking something other than water and I can let out a belch that will make my Dad proud and wake the dead.  I think its funny because I have that really weird sense of humor, Richard thinks its gross (how backwards is that). 
  •  I'm getting really nervous about Wednesday.  That's the day of the big ultrasound.  At first this whole boy girl thing was a fun thing to tease Richard about.  He really wants a boy because he wants to be able to play rough and teach them how to play football and basketball, and he says he still wants to be young enough to do it while he still can (He's only 37, but with the way he talks you would swear he's 60, he's a big Drama King).  I want a little girl who will idolize her father and wrap him around her little finger (really I don't care as long as its healthy), but I want a girl.  I think it would be great.  But lately I have been second guessing myself and thinking its a boy.  I don't know why I'm going back on my gut feeling, but I just am.  Well all that and finding out will make it all the more real. 
  •  I think that I have been feeling it move.  It seems a lot lower than where I would imagine it to be, but I think that I have felt it.  It usually is like gas bubbles after I eat, but I don't have to fart (sorry, TMI, but it happens) or anything like that, so what else could it be besides the baby.  I have been able to tell for a while where its at when I am sitting or lying down, but I don't usually feel it move there....I don't know its hard to explain.  But it is a good thing if I can feel it move into certain places but not feel kicks yet right?  I still worry that something has happened and the doc has made a mistake with the Doppler thing especially since all the emails that I have been getting say that I should be feeling kicks by now.   

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