Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finally!!! A Richard story!

So if you have ever read my husband's blog, you already know that he likes to post some funny stories about me and my pregnancy and Leigha (some funny and some not so funny to me). And if you haven't read his blog, you need to because it really is hilarious. He started his blog when we found out we were pregnant (although he switched to Wordpress in the middle of the pregnancy and copied and pasted his past enteries, so if you want to read his from the beginning, you would need to go back to April 2011's entries.

Anyways, because I FINALLY have some good dirt on him, I just HAD to post a good one about him.

Leigha has been teething something fierce lately.  Poor thing is drooling constantly and chewing on ANYTHING she can get in her mouth.  Anyway, last night she was fussy as usual so I handed her off to Richard (nice right? ;) LOL) and went to get the Oragel.  I put some on her gums which quieted her a little.

If you don't have kids and have never been around this stuff it smells like cherries. Well Richard caught a wiff of it and asked me to put some on his gums too so that he could see what would happen and what it would taste like.  So I did of course.

At first he said it tasted pretty good, but he couldn't tell a difference.  He said that it felt like there was toothpaste stuck to his gums that couldn't come off and that it had kinda a gritty feel to it.  I laughed and gathered Leigha up to give her a bath. 

As I was stripping her down Richard comes in the bathroom he looks at me and tells me that he was just drooling a little in the living room and that he couldn't feel his top gums or his tongue (which he licked his gums with) at all.  He was making such funny faces while licking his gums and rubbing them and pulling on his lip.  I started laughing at him uncontrollably.  He said that his top lip felt like it was fat and swollen because it was so numb.  I was rolling on the floor so much that I couldn't hardly give Leigha her bath.

This went on probably for about 15-30 minutes with him describing to me what he was feeling and how he was surprised that it was able to numb his mouth that much since its made for infants.  Then finally he told me that he was getting back to normal, although still felt a little odd, but he could see how Leigha would calm down almost instantly when I would rub it on her gums.

OK, now that I have written all this down, it didn't seem nearly as funny as it did last night, but oh well, maybe someone will have a smile about it at my husband's expense!  :D

MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don't post before then!!

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