Friday, March 30, 2012

Just because

Just because I am in a crazy good mood, and  because Leigha has been crawling to me to give me kisses and just crawling up a storm in general, I am going to do this tagged survey thingy that has been flying around the blogs that I read just for kicks even though I wasn't tagged LOL. One good thing though is I don't have to entirely follow the rules that way either ;)  And because most of the blogs that I read have been tagged by Laura and I dont know of any others who would do it.

So I thought this would be fun.  Here it goes.
11 Random facts about me:

1) I won a patriotic art contest in High School and won $100 bucks for a drawing that I did of the Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island in the background.  I can't really stand the drawing now because I see all of the flaws, but I still think its pretty cool that I won.  I can't remember what I did with the money. 

2) I love cooking.  Not just regular ole dinners, although I do love doing that too, but I really love making complicated things that I make at least just once to see if I can do it.  In another life I would probably have become a chef, but I don't like a lot of foods.

3) I am a night owl.  I don't like waking up in the mornings AT ALL.  When I was in school and we were out on summer break I would stay up until 3-4 in the morning and then sleep all day.  I loved it.   I wish I could do that now! 

4) I love infomercials.  There is just something so over the top stupid about the "real life scenarios" that they show that makes me laugh.  I mean seriously do people really have that much of a hard time painting, or grilling a hamburger or weeding? LOL.

5)  I still think of myself as a girl as in a young girl.  I may be closing in quickly on 31, but I can't think of myself as a woman.  its super weird and I just can't do it.  It weird for me to hear people call me a woman.  I guess to me it just sounds old, and I definitely am NOT old!!  LOL.

6)  I always said that I was going to marry a rich man and have a maid who would clean up after me and someone to cook my meals so that all I would have to do is take care of the kids all day.  Obviously that never happened LOL.

7)  I love building things.  Growing up, my parents would get the "some assembly required" things for around the house and I would always beg to put them together, but they would always give the task to my brother.  I hated it.  The only thing that I remember ever putting together is a bookcase that they bought me, and I'm pretty sure that they only let me do that because they brought my brother an identical one.  I guess its a good thing that I married a man who would let me build almost anything I wanted.

8)  I can't do any kind of math without a calculator.  Well, except for super simple basics, but the rest, forget it.  I hated it in school, and never could understand why we had to learn it if they made calculators.  Seemed like a waste of my time.

9)  My husband is the first real boyfriend that I ever had.  I had gone on a couple of dates with literally a couple of different guys, but he's the only one I ever dated.

10)  I never liked any kind of sports until I met Richard.  He taught me to like them.  My favorite now is basketball.

11)  I had back surgery when I was 22.  I had a hunch back and it was starting to really hurt not to mention I was EXTREMELY self conscious about it.  I went to a doctor who suggested a surgery where they put metal hooks and screws in your spine which supported 2 metal rods that run the length of my spine from my neck to my tailbone.  Recovery was 3 weeks of pure hell, but its the best thing that I have ever done.  I'm convinced that if I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have gotten married to Richard when I did because it was when I was having surgery that he realized that he couldn't live without me and had to marry me.  Oh and I gained 3 inches of height!  That's how bad the curve was!  :(

1) What are your top five all-time favorite bands?
I was talking to my Dad the other night and realized that I have only ever been to 5 concerts in my lifetime, and those are really the only bands that I can remember at this point in the day, and I wouldn't go to a concert for a band that I didn't love, so....
  • Garth Brooks ~ Saw him December 2010 at a benefit concert for the victims of the May 2010 floods here in Nashville.  It was an AMAZING performance and the whole time Richard was worried that the baby's developing ears would be damaged by the loud music, and needless to say I didn't care at all....I was watching Garth Brooks IN CONCERT!  Weeee!!!  :D
  • Matchbox 20 ~ This was the first concert that I had ever gone to.  I went with my SIL at the time (although then it was just my boyfriend's sister LOL).  I had a BLAST!  It was so much fun, and they are one of the few bands/singers that I know most of the words to their songs.  
  • Elton John ~ Need I say more?  He's awesome,  I love his songs, He's one of the few that I can pick out on the radio every single time (I am horrible with bands/songs/lyrics) 
  • Kid Rock ~ Crazy pick, yes, I know.  But his concert was really cool actually.  There is something about his singing that I like.  I think its the whole bad boy image that I am attracted to.  
  • Aerosmith ~ No, I never saw Aerosmith in concert, BUT they are one of my favs.  Even though Steven Tyler is a little odd looking.  I really like his voice.  :) 
Oh and just for a random fact, the 5th concert that I have seen was for Earth Wind and Fire with Chicago.  Richard took me on my Birthday the year after we were married because our song is "your My Inspiration" by Chicago.  We were both very much disappointed, not a good concert at all, but still a nice birthday date with the hubby.

2) What are your top five all-time favorite books?

  • Lucky Man / Michael J. Fox   ~ Its a great story about him finding out that he had Parkinson's and his life with it.
  • Love Greg and Laura ~ A story about a woman who was injured in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and her Husband's emails to friends and family about her recovery.  I think I cried during the entire book.
  • I can't for the life of me remember the title but it is the autobiography of Christopher Reeves.  Another amazing story. 
  • Hunger Games ~ Honestly, I never even really wanted to read the book once I figured out what it was about (after I won it from Laura's giveaway) But then I told myself that I would only read a couple of chapters.  I ended up finishing it is less than 24 hours and it took me that long because I had to sleep.  And then I had to immediately go out and buy the other 2 books in the series.  Laura, you created a monster! LOL  (Thanks! :D )
  • Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. ~ I'm a sucker for a romantic book, and since I am almost finished with it, its becoming one of my favorites :)

 3) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Riding on the back of Richard's motorcycle without a helmet.  We went to Daytona back a long time ago when we were still dating and they have an optional helmet law down there, so I didn't wear one and we rode that thing all over the place.  Still makes me shudder whenever I think about it.  At least nothing happened except maybe the occasional bug in the face..Eww!

4) What is your favorite treat?
Anything chocolate really.  I will not pass up anything that has chocolate.  Although my favorite non-chocolate treat is the Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory.  To me it tastes like summer.

5) What are you the proudest of?
I recently learned how to sew, and I am super proud that I have even made Leigha some clothes that she has worn out in public and has even gotten comments on it without knowing that they were homemade!  I'm too afraid to try to make something for myself though.

6) What are you the most ashamed of?
That I dropped out of college, that I don't have a degree in anything.  I had once wanted to be a doctor.  Even took a bunch of pre-med courses, I just couldn't handle being away from home.  I just wish that I had stuck with it and gotten a degree in SOMETHING so that I could contribute more to our family finances.

 7) What is your guilty pleasure?
Buying clothes for myself.  I have to force myself to do it.  I have lots of gift certificates that I need to use, but I feel bad buying things for me when Richard and Leigha need things too.

8) What are you really, really good at?
At this moment in time, I have to say sewing.

9) What does your handwriting look like? (post a pic!!!)
Nothing fancy.  This is a shopping list I wrote a couple of weeks ago for a mug cheesecake I found on pinterest.  Its not all that. 

10) Which chores do you refuse to do (or do your best to get out of)
Any of them.  I don't like cleaning, but If I had to say one of them that I hate doing more than anything is moping.  I just don't like it.  The dirty water, whats in it, etc.  I just can't stand it.  Oh and dusting.  I hate them equally.  I like things, nicknacks and stuff, but I hate to clean around them.

11) Do you have any tattoos, body piercings, etc.?
I have my ears pierced but that's it.  I was going to have my belly button pierced a long time ago, but never did and now that I have had Leigha and my stomach looks all flabby and disgusting and looks like I was attacked by a tiger from all the stretch marks, I'm super glad that I didn't.  BUT I do plan on someday getting a tattoo with my Children's names incorporated in it somehow.  I just haven't figured out any of the details of it, but I think its a super sweet thing to do.

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