Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look at what my Leigha can do!

For the past month or so Leigha has been one crabby little kid LOL.  She had been trying to learn how to crawl and sit up and all that kind of stuff, and when she doesn't get what she wants right away, or when she thinks that she can't do something she gets frustrated and crabby.  Well last week, my mom showed her how she could sit up by herself, and she has been doing that ever since.  She has started to learn how to wave hello and good bye, and just this morning she started crawling.

She has had the turning part down for a while, and she would slowly inch her way forward, but she would never crawl.  Last night she crawled 4 steps once, but never would do it again.  This morning however I set her on the floor to let the dogs out and when I had come back inside, she had crawled about 10 feet to get a hold of a plastic bag that I had on the floor from going shopping.

She wouldn't crawl for anything else, so of course like any good mother would I put the bag back on the floor and let her crawl to it and have a field day waving it around.  (Don't worry, she was supervised the whole time, and I never once let her put it near her face)

Of course this means that we have to quickly finish the kitchen floor (the last major thing left in our remodel) and start to really be serious about baby proofing and keeping things off the floor.  This is not a milestone that I was prepared for.  She totally needs to go back and be the cute little baby that I can lay somewhere and when I come back she is still in the same place....I'm not ready for this to go so fast!!!

And of course for your viewing pleasure, I took some videos.




 I know that they are all pretty much the same thing, but hey, I was here with her by myself and I had to take some videos so Richard could see his baby girl crawl for the first time!  :)


  1. Go Leigha! The waving thing is really amazing at her age!

    1. I have yet to get it on video. I don't know if its a wave so much as she gets excited at whoever is talking to her and she only throws one arm around, but I'm calling it a wave LOL.