Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day in the Life ~ Winter 2012 ~ Feb 14. 2012

Laura from Navigating the Mothership is doing her quarterly "Day in the Life" project again.  I had so much fun doing it last October that I am doing it again this time too.

If you don't read Laura's blog, you really should.  She's one of the only blogs that I read right away when it appears in my reader and I really enjoy her wit and sense of humor and honesty. 

 (I don't have many pictures till about 9am when I really start my day because before then I'm not very coherent and awake and don't think about it being my 'Day in the Life' day LOL).

12:00 am.  Since its a day in the life post my day starts with me watching some TV because as usual I can't sleep.   I'm watching  'My Wife and Kids'

Sometime between 12:30 and 1:30 I manage to fall asleep, even with the TV on. 

1:30 am  I wake up to hear Leigha complaining in her crib.  I grab the monitor and turn it down so it doesn't wake Richard up.  I wait to go get her because we are having issues with her sleeping through the night....she doesn't LOL, she usually tries to wake up about 2-3 times a night.  I'm so beyond exhausted I need to come up with a new word for it.

4:30 am She is up again.  She must have fallen back asleep because I did LOL.  So this time since it has now been about 9 hours since she last nursed and she is going nuts crying, and I am going to get up because Richards alarm is about to go off I get up and nurse her.  As I nurse her I think I'm probably sending her mixed messages, but her cries pretty much all sound the same to me in the middle of the night except for when she is complaining so I don't know when she is hungry and when she is just being cranky.

5:00 am She is finished and looking around.  Since I can't fall asleep when I go to bed like a normal person, I put her down in her crib and head to bed because I am SUPER exhausted.  I grab the monitor and crawl in and start to fall back asleep.

5:15 am Richard asks if I was able to transfer some recordings from his weekly meetings at work to the computer because he has another meeting this morning and they record them all because this job has been crazy and they need proof of things that were said in case anything were to happen.  Of course I had forgotten to do this last night, so I get up and head to the living room and start transferring the tapes.

5:30 am I'm finally finished transferring the files and Richard is getting ready to leave.  He wishes me a Happy Valentines Day and gives me a card and heads out the door.  I don't open the card because I want him to be around when I open them. (its a weird quirk, but it is what it is LOL) and I also haven't finished his present yet.  I head back to bed.

8:00 am.  Leigha starts to wake up again, but she isn't crying yet, so I quickly run to the bathroom and let Espn and Allie out and feed them, I turn on the kerosene heater because its kinda cold and then go get her change and nurse her.

8:18 am  Leigha is finished nursing and is starting to want to cuddle.  She doesn't wake up too well and DEFINITELY isn't a morning person, and who doesn't want baby cuddles.  

8:35 am  She is starting to get more active so I put her down on the ground to play a little and I notice that I am wet, she has peed through her diaper.  I strip her down and leave her to play and run and get some clothes.

8:38 am I heard some weird sounds coming from the living room and when I come back in I notice Leigha is not playing her music station with her hands or feet as she sometimes does, but she has started her new way of playing it which is with her mouth.  She has only started doing this and I didn't get a picture of it today, but I did yesterday (So I'm using that one because its SO CUTE!!!)  But this makes me laugh because she looks like she is trying to eat the thing, which of course gets her laughing.

9:00 am. I never did get Leigha dressed, I decided that I wanted to play with her on the floor.  Its really warm because of the heater and now we have carpet in the house (a new addition since last October) so I'm not worried about her getting cold. 

9:11 am.  While Leigha plays on the floor I check my facebook page because I can't live without facebook.  Wanna be my friend on facebook? I like 'meeting' new people, let me know and maybe I'll look you up  :D.  

9:20 am  I finish up my list of things that I need to get from the store and I get Leigha dressed.  I put her in a cute little heart outfit perfect for Valentines day with some warm fleece pants that I made her.  Very festive.

9:25 am  I set Leigha on the floor in my room so that I can get a load of laundry started and keep an eye on her.

9:45 am  I notice that Leigha is acting like she is tired.  I try and put her in her crib and of course she protests but is asleep within minutes. 

10:00 am  Good Eats is on.  I'm set.

10:30 am  Leigha is still asleep so I run and take a shower.  I take the monitor in the bathroom with me and decide to take a good nice long showed and take advantage of not having to put Leigha in her jumper and play peek-a-boo throughout the entire shower.

11:15 am Leigha is starting to wake up so I get out of the shower, yup, I took a 45 minute shower and it felt wonderful.  I haven't done that in so long.  I hurry up and get dressed and go get the girl.

11:18 am I bring her back to my room and set her outside the bathroom door with some toys so that I can dry my hair.

11:30 am We head out to get the things we need for today.  I have to go to Hobby Lobby and Walmart.  But I of course forgot my camera.

1:30 pm.  I'm back from Walmart after spending entirely too much money and getting things I didn't need, and I had to get some lunch too, taco bell.

1:45 pm  I get everyone and everything out of the carseats and bags and get ready to start the dinner that I decided to make for tonight, spaghetti.

1:50 pm I chop the onions and bell peppers, put the oil in the pan and cut the sausages in half and take off the casings and start browning them. 

2:20 pm I start browning the onions and peppers and then add the tomatoes, tomato sauce, paste sugar and add the sausages back in.

2:45 pm Leigha is fussy and I can't get her to calm down, so I feed her some veggies, peas I think, and nurse her and into her crib she goes.  She is asleep within about 5 minutes.
3:10 pm I start melting butter and marshmallows and measure the rice krispies.

3:15 pm I burn my hand trying to get the rice krispie treats out of the pan and into a Hershey Kiss shape, and then I sprinkle some chocolate chips on them and wrap them in foil.  I made the super big because I thought they looked better, but one krispie fed us both, so if I go to make them again, I will probably make them a little smaller.

3:20 pm  One of the neighbor kids comes over and gives me a Valentines day present for Leigha.  Its the cutest little stuffed rabbit with a cute little and written card and cut out hearts that is signed by the whole family.  I promise to bring Leigha by later to say thank you since she is still napping.

3:30 pm  I start cutting and gluing the paper I bought at Hobby Lobby to fit inside the box that I am going to put Richard's Valentines gift in, and painting it silver.

4:00 pm.  Ugh, I have to start working.  I really wish I had a day shift or better yet, could afford to just be a stay at home Mom and concentrate on raising Leigha, but I am super thankful that I can work from home for a company that is super understanding of me being a new Mom.  I spend the next couple of hours working, stirring the sauce, and making Richard's present.  We are pretty busy at work, although they are all pretty long reports, so I don't make much money and just end up getting frustrated.

6:00 pm  Richard is finally home.  He takes a shower and then he takes over watching Leigha, she's super cranky so we fast track feeding, bathing and getting her in bed, which I work during the whole time :( so I didn't get any pictures.

7:30 pm He comes into my office with a sleeping Leigha in his arms.  I love how he can put her to sleep, but she always sleeps on his shoulder and wakes up when he tries to put her in her bed, so I help him get her into bed.

7:35 pm, Since I have taken a break to get Leigha into bed, I decide to grab a quick bowl of Spaghetti

7:45 pm back at work till 10.  I know, super exciting, I'm sorry.  But I do enjoy a small dessert of mini chocolate chips.

10:00 pm.  DONE!!!  LOL.  I love 10 pm :)  I can finally give Richard his present and card.  He opens the box says thanks and opens the card, and I finally get to open mine.

10:15 pm.  I'm exhausted.  A crying baby and nothing going right in the afternoon really took it out of me.  My evening plans after I got off work were to spend some quality time with Richard watching a couple TV shows, and just enjoying the evening, but instead we went straight to sleep.

11:30 pm.  Leigha starts whimpering, so I'm awake again.  She doesn't fully wake up, but it doesn't help me to go back to sleep, so up for a while I am, and I don't fall back to sleep till about 1 am.

Will my sleep habits ever be normal again? :(

Oh and since I forgot to take a picture of me doing things throughout the day, here is a quick one I snapped while I was working.  :D  


  1. Leigha is such a cutie! Hoping you start to feel more rested soon.

  2. I love Leigha's Valentine's onesie!

    1. Thanks! I bought it last year after finding out we were having a girl and have been waiting for her to wear it. LOL

  3. Dang, that was a busy day - I'm exhausted just reading about it! I've had sleep issues pretty much every since my 2 year old was born... totally sucks.

    1. Oh no! Well hopefully it gets better for both of us soon and that your little guy is a good sleeper and lets it happen for you! :D

  4. Leigha is really getting big! Isn't this a fun stage - their personalities are really starting to shine. Loved her little Valentine's outfit too - very cute.

    1. Its all going by so fast!! Its fun to pick out each trait and figure out what she got from my husband and me LOL.