Monday, May 21, 2012

My Leigha

Dear little Leigha,

One day you will learn exactly how scatterbrained and forgetful your mother is (I started this post over a month ago).  You will realize that I say that I am going to do things and procrastinate until the last minute and then rush to get through them.  But you will grow up that way, so maybe you won't mind....too much.  Hopefully you will think its normal, but I HOPE that you won't take after me in that respect LOL.
(Such a happy girl in the mornings)
I haven't written your letter and update in a couple of months, and this technically isn't one now, but I thought that I would update the blog at least to have a reminder of what you are up to these days?

I took you to the doctor last week because you were super cranky and not acting like yourself.  Turns out you had a double ear infection so you are currently on antibiotics.  Thankfully you have returned to my normal little girl.  You are crawling up a STORM.  There is no where in this house that you don't love to be.  You will even try to run away if you know that you are headed for something that you aren't supposed to have, like the dog's water bowls for instance.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to mop up water off the floor because you want to use the bowls for drums.  At least its just water.
(She just looks so mischievous in this pic)
You are also now 20 pounds and 29 inches long.  You have about tripled your weight and grown 8 inches since you were born.  Holy COW!!!!

You also have your first tooth.  Dr. M says that the other one is right under the surface and should break through any day now, you are just taking your time with growing teeth apparently. (Its down there on the bottom right)
You love to wave and have been doing it for a while now, and you are just now getting the hang of bending your wrist to do it.  I'm gonna miss that whole arm wave, its pretty cute.  You were saying bye bye (ba-ba) for a while when you would do it, but you have stopped, but its OK.  You now have started telling me when you are done with something by saying 'all done' (ah-duh or duh) You say it after eating with a wave and after nursing you tell me you are ah-duh.  You are also pretty good at asking who'/what's that (oo-dat/ uh-dat)  Now of course this may all be in my mind, but I know that's what you are saying.  You're a GENIUS little girl, a GENIUS!  You may make your Dad and I proud and go to Vanderbilt after all...although you need to probably get a scholarship because there is no way we would be able to afford it in 18 years I'm sure.
I'm getting pretty sad/happy about planning your first birthday party.  Its going to be a joint party with your Dad, You'll probably get lots of those while you are still little and don't know the difference, You'll just be excited to see more and more people.  We are going to have hamburgers and hot dogs and a mini pool for the kids (it will be end of July here so we need something to cool off)  But other than that I'm not sure what we will do.  We are just going to have family and a few close friends over.  I'm happy because I get to plan a fun party and have people over to the house, which is something that I LOVE doing, but I'm sad because you are growing up.

You are getting to be a pretty odd character lately.  When you wake up from a nap you are pretty pleasant most of the time, and usually 75% of the time when I come in the room you are standing in your crib jumping up and down...OK well its more like bouncing, but its still pretty cute.  I need to try to capture that on video.  Also the other day you were in my office while I was working and you were playing and rolling around and squealing as usual and I look over at you and you are laying face down on the carpet with your nose to the floor and arms and legs spread SQUEALING at the top of your lungs for no reason other than to make noise I guess.  That for sure put a smile on my face and made me laugh super hard.

You are getting so big I can't hardly stand it.  You are definitely a stubborn little girl like your Dad ;)  But you have a sweet side too.  

I love you, I promise I always will.

Mommy.  (Just learn that really fast OK, ;)  I want you to learn those words now LOL)

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