Sunday, July 22, 2012

The last days

I've been understandably nostalgic the last few days with Leigha's birthday coming up on Tuesday.  Tonight especially.  On July 22nd last year, at about 7:00 my best friend came over because she wanted to try her hand at taking some maternity pics.  I love her pics and I wasn't about to turn down more maternity pics since I had loved the last ones so much that another friend had taken a couple days prior. 

Kristy is more into the artistic pictures, and I love those.  I have shown lots of her pics on this blog, she is AMAZING.  She is a new photographer and I have been begging her for years to open her own photography business she is that good, and she is finally in the process of making it happen!  Anyways, if you are in the Nashville area and looking for a photographer, let me know, I am sure she would love the business! 

She had me lie down on the ground on my back, lie on my side, sit up, stand up, twist this way and that way.  Basically everything short of bending over and touching my toes (although if she thought it would make for a good picture, I'm sure she would have asked me to do that too LOL) 

I wasn't uncomfortable at the time.  Her and Richard both kept asking if I was OK.  Looking back I think I maybe had what felt like a little heart burn, but nothing I hadn't had before.  She didn't stay long because it was late and didn't take many pictures, but I love them all.  (I posted a few of my favorites.  I don't think that I have ever shared them before.)  After she left, Richard and I were both super tired so we went right to bed about 10:00. 

July 23rd at about 3:00 am (less than 5 hours after our photo shoot ended), my first contraction hit and our lives were never the same again. 

If I can get around to posting these next couple days, be prepared for some pretty sappy ones as there isn't a day that goes by without me crying at some point that my baby is turning 1!.

Take a look at Kristy's pictures, the pics that put me into labor.

I think this picture with the L is probably my all time favorite picture that I have, maternity wise.
 Richard just loves to be goofy, but I think I had him beat!
This is a pretty good one too.  Probably a second favorite of hers.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!!

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