Monday, September 17, 2012


Umm yeah, I just kinda fell off the face of the earth.

Since I started my Etsy shop things have kinda taken off.  I have sold several chairs, have orders for more and have several orders for blankets and burp cloths.  Between shopping for fabric and making things and taking care of Leigha and trying to find out if I get my unemployment from my other job (yeah, they still haven't decided that yet and its been almost 2 months) getting ready for my brother's wedding in 3 weeks (Yikes!) planning a wedding shower for my soon to be new sister, Leigha getting sick, and just taking care of normal everyday stuff, its been a little crazy. 

I've been asked to paint a painting for their wedding which I am almost finished with it.  How nerve wracking.  Its a painting that they will have forever that everyone will see.  Thankfully I'm not in the wedding or I don't know what I will do with myself, I may just go nuts.

So I'm sorry. 

Leigha is doing well.  She will be 14 months next Monday.  This may be my favorite age.  I wasn't keen on the 1-6 months because well, I just don't like guessing games, and the first month of course I was just so in love and jaded with my little squishy newborn.  7 months she started crawling so it got a little better, but recently she has begun to tell me what she wants.  If she wants cheerios, she brings me her snack trap.  If she wants juice, she brings me her cup.  She will point at the things that she wants so its much easier to figure out what she wants.

She definitely has a temper and will either bite or spit at you if she doesn't get her way.  Thankfully we have almost curbed the biting, and I can handle the spitting for now. 

She still only has the 2 bottom teeth.  Every once in a while she will have a run of super bad sleep or crankiness where she constantly chews on her hands, so we constantly are thinking that she is teething, but nothing shows up.  I'm beginning to wonder if she will only have the bottom teeth forever. 

She has gotten a little cold this past week and an ear infection, which thankfully we caught before it was too bad.  This little sickness doesn't seem to phase her though.  She is still as feisty as ever. 

She has also started to copy us.  If we put our hands in the air, she does too, she will dance when we do, tilt her head, scream, etc.  Its just gotten so fun to watch her little mind work.

She has not started walking yet, but its close I think.  She has taken a couple of steps a couple of times but only after Richard has been playing with her and has her super worked up so she doesn't realize that she is doing it, so I know its not that far off. 

I'm doing good too.  Super busy with my store, and I have been doing good with my PPD as well.  I've gone to see my therapist a couple of times and she is pleased with my progress and my level of motivation.  I do feel like myself more and more every day, and I'm finally setting a goal of losing 70 pounds.  Its something I should have done a long time ago, and this time I have some help in the form of the wife of an old high school friend LOL.  She is a very healthy eater and very in shape and has offered to help me out.  I have never had a problem with weight till now, and didn't really know how to do it effectively, so she has given me some plans to work on.

All in all things are good.  Just living life, working hard and hardly working.  I hope I didn't loose what few readers I did have in the last month that I have been gone LOL.

Hope you have a good evening. 

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