Friday, October 12, 2012

Discussions discussions.

The other night Richard and I were sitting at home trying to relax and play with Leigha for a little bit before she went to bed.  Well I was relaxing, he was playing.  He was across the room she was on her back and he was tickling her.  Just on a whim I asked him if he wanted to try to have another baby.

I said it in that "hey wanna freak my husband out" kinda moment.  Catch him while he's soft and playing with Leigha LOL.  Kinda like Monica did to Chandler when they decided they wanted to try to have a baby while Rachel was having Emma. (Sorry, that episode was on the other day, and I am a Friends FANATIC!) 

Wanna know what his response was? 

"Sure but we aren't trying yet, last time we did that we had Leigha and I don't want to have another kid in July so we'll try in December and then the baby will be born in August." 


Last time I talked to him about it he didn't even want to mention it.  I'm kinda freaking out here.  I had thought we were on the same page and were going to wait till Leigha turned 2 before trying for a second.  Wow.

I don't really know how I feel about it.  I'm excited, because I want him to want more children, which clearly he does, but then I think back to the depression and I don't know if I want to try soon.  Clearly I need to talk to him about this LOL.   I have a little, but not much.  I also think I need to talk to my therapist about it too.  (That is going well too by the way.  The medicine is helping me see things a little more clearly and feel more at ease about things and not get frustrated as easily)

So what is the ideal age difference between kids?  2 years, 3 years, more?  I know its different for everyone, but maybe some of your insight will help me to not freak out so much.   I don't know anyone personally who has kids with an age difference.  All of my friends only have 1 kid at the moment. 


  1. I think you can make the age gap work no matter what the circumstance...although it does seem that less than two years can be extra challenging. Good luck deciding! Exciting :)

  2. Thanks Laura! Its exciting and terrifying LOL. Especially now that I know what to expect with having a baby and all. I was so clueless the first time around. :D I think I'm slowly warming up to the idea though.