Monday, December 3, 2012

I promise I'm alive

This past month and a half have been a doozy.  Life in general has taken me by the feet and wacked me on the pavement a few times.  Its not pretty.

I started getting sick towards the end of October.  I wouldn't say I was sick  persay, I just felt off.  Well then comes Halloween and I'm finally (after 2 weeks of feeling off) I am sick as a dog.  Literally can't get out of the bathroom calling Richard begging him to come home from work to take care of Leigha, sick.  I can't even take Leigha trick or treating and I still haven't gotten a picture of her in her costume (she was supposed to be an angel)

During all this I still have to get ready for a craft fair that I had entered.  I somehow make it through it, but ended up losing money.  Not a happy camper about this, but it happens.

I end up being sick on and off for the next couple of weeks.  Believe you me, I took SEVERAL pregnancy tests during that time because I just don't get sick like that, but they were ALL negative.

Then comes Thanksgiving.  We decide to take our first road trip to visit family in Memphis.  We get a hotel room and request a crib.  They give us a pack-n-play with no pad.  They just put blankets over the supports rendering it completely useless, so I have to co-sleep with Leigha who has never co-slept before except for maybe a couple hours at a time when she was a newborn and I accidentally fell asleep nursing her.  Turns out she is not my favorite sleeping partner. I truly think Richard got the better end of the deal by sleeping in the other bed while I slept with the wiggly one. 

Come back home and I'm sick again.  Its not fun.  Leigha has an ear infection now and has been battling with a cold for the last month.  She can't sleep well and therefore neither can I, and I truly think that my sickness can be attributed to lack of sleep because my parents came over one day and thankfully watched Leigha for a few hours while I slept and when I woke up I felt MUCH better.  

All this while I'm still taking orders for and making my toddler chairs and nursing covers and such for my store and friends babies and trying to decorate for Christmas and do the dishes (during all this my dishwasher decided it had enough and went kaput) and feed everyone and visit who needs visiting and call whoever needs calling and all the other countless household chores and I haven't even found time to change out of my PJ's most of the time. 

I think I need a few more me's

Let me know when they perfect the cloning process, I'll be the first one standing in line to clone myself LOL.

I'm off to keep sewing chairs.  Pray for my sanity please, I'm going to need it.  I'll do more updates sooner or later hopefully.

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