Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things Leigha says and does

Between working on making toddler chairs for my etsy store and watching Leigha and doing the normal household stuff, I don't have that much time to blog anymore.  Leigha is growing up SO STINKIN FAST! that I just want to document this super fun age of 18 months that she is at now.

She started walking about 2 months ago and she is starting to run and starting to figure out jumping  She LOVES to jump in her crib by holding on the rails, and she tries to when standing in the middle of a room.
If we leave the child lock off the under the sink cabinet that contains all the cleaning supplies, she will take off one side and bring it to us, or just start fiddling with it if we are in the kitchen to bring it to our attention because she knows its supposed to be locked. 
She is starting to learn to feed herself with a spoon which I'm super freaked out about because of the inevitable mess, but she is starting to not eat when we feed her, so we kinda don't have a choice in the mater.
She is starting to have an opinion of what she wants to eat and drink and knows where those items are kept and will point and squeal when she wants them.  We're working on more pointing and less squealing since its SO high pitched and so freakin LOUD!!!
She has all of a sudden shown a HUGE interest in watching Dora and Team Umizomi.  She loves them which keeps her fairly occupied for an hour or so.  She even likes the backpack song on Dora and will sing "Backpack, backpack" even though its more like Bap-ba Bap-ba
She LOVES to push her baby doll in the baby stroller she got for Christmas.  Its probably her most favorite activity next to 'talking' on pretend phones.  She doesn't like to talk on real ones with people on the other end.  I think their voice coming through freaks her out. 
Unfortunately she likes to hit us with things.  We are working on that and whenever she does it we tell her no and brush our faces with our hand and say 'nice' so lately after she hits she will brush our face and say "Niii"
She says Mmmmm-ah when she gives kisses and ooooh and pats our back when she hugs us.  She says Ahhh-um when she eats,  and shakes her head when she does something that she knows is wrong

This girl has such a big vocabulary I'm shocked. 
Mommy (Mama), Daddy (Daa-d), Bye, Dog, Ruff (arf), Quack (Cack), Hot, No, Yeah, Guys, Allie (Ahhh-be), Espn (Dito) which is a nickname that we always calls him, but she whispers Espn very well), Juice (Ju-sh), Backpack, Uh-oh, Love you (Ub oooh), Hi, Butter babies (Buh-ba) which are buttered macaroni noodles that she loves to eat for lunch, Fish (Ishies), Good Girl (Gooh gah) Lets go (Eh oooo) Stop (Stah), and Hi Baby.  That's all that I can think of at this moment in time LOL. 

Holy cow I wish she wasn't growing up so fast, but I totally wouldn't change it for the world.  I think back to last year when she was just starting to sit up by herself and I just can't believe what a difference a year makes.  

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