Thursday, April 25, 2013


The last few months have been a blur.  Leigha is getting more and more active and vocal and opinionated as the days go by.  I really is quite amazing really how much she is growing and learning new things, which  means I'm learning new things too!!

Discovery #1
I have discovered that she likes to eat by herself.  She's a big fan of eating with spoons and forks, however she still isn't great at actually getting her food into her mouth and most of it ends up in the chair for the dogs to snack on later.  I have also discovered that if I want her to try a new food, I have to let her take it off my plate and eat it herself.  So far she has started eating and loves...banana's, apples, wheat thins with pineapple dip, dill bread dip, pomegranate juice, and CHICKEN!!!  Its only taken me a year and a half to get the girl to eat chicken. 

We were out shopping for fabric no less one day when I realized that lunch was quickly approaching with no time for us to go home and fix something.  I was going to stop and get her a hamburger, which she loves, but the line was crazy long so I looked for the next place.  Chick-fil-a.  And they didn't have a line in the drive thru at lunch, not really sure what was going on, but I decided to treat us and took FULL advantage before the cars started piling in (I have NEVER seen a Chick-fil-a in this area without a huge line when its open).  Long story short, I got Leigha a chicken strip meal, gave her the chicken and she started eating it like she had loved it all her life.  Such a weird child that I have.

Discovery #2
She has also stated potty training herself.  Its not something that I"m entirely ready for because I'm not that confident in my abilities to understand her if she tells me she has to go, but I don't want to hinder the progress either.  One night before her bath I took off her clothes and she ran to the potty.  I put her on it thinking she wanted to see what goes on, but she went potty and has every night since, and occasionally during the day as well, (both #1 and #2)  So I have ordered a potty online and am in the hunt for size 2t panties. 

Discovery #3
We have discovered that Leigha is going to be a BIG SISTER!!  :D   Contrary to what I posted a few months back on the blog about trying for another baby in December...we weren't trying.  I wanted to finish my depression meds and fully wrap my head around the idea of becoming a mom to 2 children.  But nonetheless we are SO very happy about this, even though I have my moments of panic.   I am currently 11 weeks, 2 days and my due date is 11/12/13.  Pretty cool due date if I do say so myself.  I've been to the doctor a couple times and nothing really exciting to report.  I've seen our little gummy bear at 9 weeks and its right on schedule.  It has a heartbeat of 178 which is MUCH higher than Leigha was at this stage I believe.  I'm going to have to look back and see if I can find out and remember what it was. 

I wasn't going to say anything on the blog until 12 weeks, but so many of the moms that I follow on blogs and friends on facebook have announced a pregnancy this week (I think there were 6 this week alone) that I just had to jump in on the fun and excitement too!!!  :D 

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