Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day in the life, Spring 2013. Sunday

I figured that since I haven't done a DITL post in so long so at the very last minute (like 7:30 am) I decided to make a DITL post of this day.  I figured I might as well document this spring since Leigha is at such a fun age and I feel like for the most part I have a handle on things. :) 

7:20 am  I wake up having to go to the bathroom, but lay in bed for 10 minutes willing myself to go back to sleep and wait until 8 when Leigha wakes up.

7:30 am snuggle time in the bed with the dogs playing with them because we never get to play with them in the mornings anymore.

8:00 am Leigha wakes up for the morning.  I hear her music player turn on, a sure sign that she is more than ready to start the day.  At least she isn't crying.
8:30 am.  After getting Leigha up and turning on the TV to watch a little of the morning news, Richard tells me that he wants to go to Hope Depot later this morning to get some things and to get breakfast.

9:00 am  Not wanting to get left behind as he is always threatening to do, but I doubt he ever will, I rush to get dressed and get Leigha dressed too.   I manage to remember to get a picture of me, my first belly shot at 11 weeks, 5 days.  Just bloat I'm sure, but already in maternity clothes.  I also get a picture of Leigha's crazy closet.  This girl has SO MANY CLOTHES!!!  Her closet is worse than mine!!  And we're on our way!!

9:10 am We arrive at home depot.  Leigha wants out of the cart so I let her loose in the store the whole time telling her to "Follow Daddy" or "Get Daddy"  She runs after him the whole way.  Its SO cute. (I took a picture even though Richard said no pictures in the store LOL.

9:45 am  Dunkin donuts for breakfast and stopping at the gas station for some milk and OJ because neither of us feel like driving all the way to the grocery store.  We some hungry folks!  She is so excited over them that she dances while she eats the first one until we put her in her high chair so we can eat and then Richard and I both play farmville on facebook for a little while.  

10:45 am  Richard is finished with his breakfast sandwiches, I'm finished with my 4 donuts...they were SO good, I had to treat myself.  And we gave Leigha 2 donuts....we'll regret giving her this ALL afternoon.  Play time for Leigha follows with some operation and a creative way for Richard to keep her out of his Sunday project.

11 ish  While Leigha is playing quietly,I thought I would take the opportunity to try to find the new baby's heartbeat.  I can't find it, Leigha decides to try.  Afterwards we go outside for some playing on the swings and slide and just running around the backyard in general.

12:30  I realize when Leigha is supposed to begetting ready for her nap that I forgot to make her lunch.  Its too late to cook her something, so I scrounge the fridge for some graham crackers, saltines, peanut butter and some cheese cubes and a glass of lemonade.  I later add pineapple for some fruit, but she doesn't eat it.   She eats everything on her plate with the exception of the peanut butter.  She loves the stuff, but apparently isn't used to seeing it like this and she doesn't really know what it is, so she put it in her hair.  You know, because that's where you put things if you don't know what they are. LOL

I heat up some left over chicken and rice.  Its kinda watery so I put in some extra rice that I have and let it sit for a while to absorb the water.  Such a good lunch.
In the mean time Richard is putting a ceiling fan together for her room.  She has never had one before and her room always seems warm and stuffy.  We should have put one in when we were putting the room together before she was here, but we didn't.  Leigha helps after lunch.  She's a regular little miss fix-it.

1:30,  Leigha and I are both done FINALLY so I take her to her room to put her down and she picks out 2 books and then I rock and sing to her and put her in her bed.  She is wide awake and plays in her crib for about 30 minutes.

2:00 pm.  I am laying on the couch and so sleepy so I decided to take a nap.  Leigha is starting to complain in her room by this point, but I have already rocked her, read to her, and I refuse to go back in there until 3.  I'm hoping she settles down but Richard tells me she doesn't. I tell him that if I fall asleep to wake me up at 3

2:50 pm  I wake up on my own on the couch with very large poster pictures frames resting against my legs and newspaper clippings and tickets all over the floor.   Leigha is crying by this point, so I tell Richard to just go get her.  He brings her in the living room and because he is working on his project for his bonus room, I try to keep her on my lap on the couch, but she is not having any of it, so I give her the camera.  It occupies her for about 15 minutes.  I try to bring up some of her favorite song videos on youtube, she's not having that either, so as soon as its safe and I'm able to get up and off the couch, I take her back outside.  This girl would LIVE outside if we let her.  I'm positive of it.

At this second trip outside I forget the camera, but its more of the swing and the slide.  This time though, Leigha pulls out the jogging stroller and pushes it around the driveway.  She discovers that she can push it and walk away and it will roll back to her.  I push it to the 'steeper' part of the driveway and she LOVES that it rolls back to her and just cracks up with belly laughs.  We stay outside for about an hour before coming in for a potty break, after which she discovers the operation game again.  She loves trying to take the things out of the little holes.

4:00 Back outside we go.  More swinging and sliding.  Only this time she decides to show me her cartwheels in which she just puts her head on the ground and sticks her butt in the air LOL.  The little girl next door was doing cartwheels in the backyard a few weeks ago and Leigha started doing that when she would do her cartwheel.  She loves her cartwheels.   She points out airplanes, learns the words Bee, Clouds, Sky, plane, wasp and bird.  She tries to blow the dandelion flowers, but can't quite yet.  We are outside for yet another hour.  Its the ONLY way that I am able to keep her quiet after she has been awake ALL. DAY.  LOOOONG!  :D

5:00 I cook her dinner while Richard entertains her doing something.  She gets what I call butter babies, which is plain macaroni with butter.  I call them butter babies because she gets all buttery whenever she eats them.  I try to get in SOME water today.  This pregnancy, I have been HORRIBLE in my water intake.

5:30, we are eating...well Leigha is eating, I'm eating her left overs, and then after she goes to bed, Richard and I will eat some BBQ.  YUM!!!

6:30, bath time starts.   I let her play while I run her bath and get her bed ready, and get her jammies.  I give her some benadryl because I noticed she has started in with a runny nose today while playing.  I put her on the potty because she has been trying to potty train for about a month or so.  Then its dance party time.  I usually let her dance stark nekkid and its SOOO much cuter but didn't really want that video on the internet, so I threw on a pair of her shorts.  Its still cute.

7:00 quickie bath, light playing, and putting jammies on and she is in bed by 7:30.

7:30, I start the usual playing on the internet, and decide to work on the blog...which I have been doing here and there throughout the day, just typing up little bits and pieces so I don't forget.

Richard is working and I'm in bed about 10.  This computer is being stupid about uploading the pictures to the blog and its taking FOREVER!!!  I finish up this post and then I'm out.  I'm exhausted from this day and from trying to wrangle her around since she never took a nap today.  Rest assured that we will NEVER give her 2 donuts for breakfast again, and definitely NOT iced ones.  LOL.

Night all!



  1. Baby bump!

    We have a lack of any donut shops here in the Twin Cities. Very, very sad :)

  2. So impressed that your daughter stays in bed until 8 am and still goes to bed at 7:30 (maybe that's earlier than use since there was no nap). We put our kiddo to bed at 7:30 and she's usually up between 5:30 and 6:30. We've tried putting her to bed later, but she still gets up at the same time.

  3. Laura, yup, the bump came on with a vengeance this time. I think I was full on maternity clothes by 9 weeks. :( Its a tragedy that you don't have doughnut shops there. Very sad indeed

    Jo, its a rare occurrence that she sleeps in that long. She usually wakes up about 7. If only I had known she would do this I would have tried to get more sleep LOL. I do consider myself very lucky in that respect because I am NOT a morning person AT ALL, 7:00 wake up is still really early for me, but better than 5:30, you poor thing.