Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 13

Join me on this wonderful journey as our family goes from 3 to 4

I'm currently 13 weeks (and 3 days) and the baby is about the size of a shrimp.  My weeks change over on Tuesdays...but ya'll know I'm lazy and never post anything on time. :D 

Weight Gain:  Starting weight: 232 (Can't believe I just admitted that).  Was at 235 at my last appointment.  Im going to try really hard to not balloon up this time.  My goal for this pregnancy is 20 pound weight gain or less since I weighed so much when I got pregnant.
Cravings: None,  I just don't like food.  Its not that I don't want to eat it, I do, but nothing sounds good.  Of course, Richard says the same thing so I'm sure that its not just a pregnancy thing.

Aversions:  None.  Not that I don't want to eat....Sounds weird with the last one, but I just don't have anything that I can't stand the thought of.
Symptoms:  I am starting to feel my uterus when I push on my stomach.  Definitely a lot earlier than last time.

I am loving: That I can eat again without getting nauseous. 

Sleep:  Whats sleep?  Between having to pee seemingly every hour and Leigha waking up to cry for 10 seconds every couple hours (SO ANNOYING!!)...I'm not getting much. 

I miss:  Having an alcoholic drink if I wanted it.  Today Leigha didn't take a nap so by the end of the day my nerves were shot....all I wanted was a Smirnoff or 2 or 3. :(   Sad to think that I won't be able to have another one of those until at least November 2014 Lord willing.

I am looking forward to: Really feeling the baby move.  I can feel it swimming around in there and settling down into my bladder like Leigha used to...definitely earlier than I did with her too. 

I'm spazzing about: Being a mom to 2 kids...especially when they both are crying and need me at the same time.  Still have my doubts.  Its an issue that I'm trying to work through with my therapist.

Best moment this week:  I got to hear the heartbeat at my appointment.....161.   I saw it through the ultrasound at the last one, but its not the same as hearing it on the Doppler
Milestones:  Could it be considered a milestone if someone that I only see on a VERY occasional basis asked if I was having a baby?

Movement:  Its starting.  The settling is very noticeable and I THINK I may be starting to feel kicks, but I'm not going to call it a certainty yet.  
It's a...: No clue!   I'm still hoping for a boy, but I'm beginning to think Girl.  I've been trying to come up with some good things about having 2 girls so that I don't get upset in the ultrasound room when the time far I have built in best friends, and sharing clothes...any more that I'm missing?
Exercise:   Chasing Leigha whenever she gets a hold of something that she is not supposed to have....the girl is a scissor magnet, I swear she can get them down off the highest shelf without climbing.  And I've been trying to get down on the floor with her more to play and chase and tickle and teach, even if I just let her climb on me, but I'm really trying to be more active with her including taking her to the park more just so we have some movement.

Diet: Really trying to make an effort to eat more fruits and veggies.  Just ignore the big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge, marshmallow sauce and whipped cream sitting next to me :)  (Remember Leigha didn't nap today)  Oh, and I've been trying to (and succeeding) in drinking a lot more water this week...I hope to keep that up.

Goals for the upcoming week: Drink even more water and try to keep up the healthy eating. 

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