Monday, August 15, 2011

Birth Story part 2

So while I was working the contractions pretty much completely stop.  I don't have one unless I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink.  They don't increase in intensity, they are still about a minute and a half.  I get through work, with no problems.  The contractions are about an hour apart if not more if I can even call it that.

Since the next day is Richard's birthday his parents and sister come over to give him his presents.  So they get here about 6:30 and I am sitting there talking to them and Richard and I have another contraction.  No biggie, they haven't been consistent since that morning.  About 30 minutes later, we are still talking and here comes another.  I begin to think that its kinda weird especially since about 10 that morning, they haven't been regular.

About 7 Richard runs out to get a pizza.  The contractions at this time are still about 30 minutes apart.  About 9 we go to bed.  Richard falls asleep, but my contractions are coming closer together, about 20 minutes.  Of course since they are pretty strong, I can't sleep.  I have the computer next to the bed on and am timing the contractions. They are about 15 minutes apart by that time.  I can't stand laying in the bed anymore so I move to the floor so that I can move around better and try to find a position that would help me find some relief.  It doesn't happen.  I move the computer and myself to the couch in the living room.

I find that lying on my side curled into as much of a ball as I can with a super huge belly in the way, really helps the pain.  By this time its about 11.  The contractions start coming about 5-7 minutes apart, are a minute and a half to 2 minutes long, and I know that there is no way that I would be able to walk or talk through them, I can barely breathe through them.  I start to think, OK if these last like this for an hour, then I can go to the hospital.  My doctor had told me that if the contractions were 5 minutes apart, over a minute long for an hour, and I could not talk, walk or breathe through them, then that's when I needed to go to the hospital.

Almost an hour passes, its now 12:00 am on the 24th and I can't stand it anymore.  I need help.  I try to get up and I can't without a contraction hitting.  I try to start screaming for Richard....literally screaming....and he doesn't hear me.  I'm no longer being quiet about the contractions, there is no way I could be anymore.

I finally realize that there is no hope for me ever getting to the hospital if I don't somehow get up and get Richard up and get him out the door.  Still trying to move, a contraction hits with every move I make, every step, every breath I take.  I make it to the room and tell Richard we need to go.  He says OK and goes back to sleep.  I try again, he says OK and falls back asleep.  I go to tell him a third time and a contraction hits.  I don't hold back with the moaning and growling as he puts it.  That finally gets his attention.  He jumps out of bed tries to comfort me by rubbing my back and then suddenly realizes that I am in so much pain, and the contractions are coming so fast that he needs to take his focus off me and get moving.....and fast.

Somehow I pack the rest of the bag with the last minute things and we make it to the car and start to head out at about 12:30.

All I can think of and all that I can tell Richard the whole way to the hospital is that I am sorry, sooo very sorry.  We are going to have a baby today, and its going to be on his birthday, and I'm so sorry about it.

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