Monday, August 29, 2011

One month letter and pictures.


My dear Beautiful.

I can't believe that you have been here a month already.  It literally has been the longest and the shortest month of my life.  You are doing fantastic, and you are SOOOO perfect!  We took you to the doctor yesterday and you weighed 9 lbs, 11 oz and you are 22 inches long.  You are in the 90 th percentile for height, which given your Daddy and me, its pretty much a given that you will be at the top of the charts for that.  I will be surprised if you go any lower.  And you are in the 75 th percentile for weight.  You are perfect.  The doctor is pretty proud of your progress in the last month, and we are too.

The first couple of days that we had you home were pretty rough, and I would often wonder what we were doing wrong.  You cried for hours upon hours at night, but were a perfect little angel during the day.  I think that we were all still learning how to figure each other out.  You don't do that as often anymore thank goodness, or at least you don't cry for hours on end.  Of course as sure as I'm typing this out, tonight will be a rough one.  That's usually how my luck goes. 

You are trying to stay up more and more throughout the day.  You still love your naps though.recently you have begun to fight yourself going to sleep during the day.   The first couple of weeks you were waking up twice a about midnight or 1 o'clock, and then again about 3 or 4 o'clock.  You have now knocked that down to once at about 3 or 4 o'clock.  Sometimes we are awake to see Daddy leave for work in the morning which I love because he gives you the sweetest little kisses if you are up.  If not, he just tells you goodbye so he doesn't wake you up.  But a couple of times you have slept straight through the night till about 5 in the morning giving Mommy and Daddy a full 6 hours of sleep!  I love you for that my little beautiful!

You are the perfect little snuggle bug.  You like to fall asleep on people.  Which isn't so bad.  But you are also really good at falling asleep in your bassinet if we help you out by wrapping you up tight, giving you your paci and keeping the lights off.  You love to be rocked and you love to cuddle with me in Mommy and Daddy's bed after you get up about 7 for your diaper change.  If I time it right we usually get another hour of sleep. Its my favorite time of morning. And being in Mommy and Daddy's bed usually calms you down in a heart beat.  You love to be in the big bed.

I can tell that you are really starting to notice things around you.  You love to stare at the picture of the Parthenon that I painted that is hanging above our couch in the living room.  You sit and stare at that painting for hours like its the coolest thing.  You are starting to notice the toys on your bouncer and I think you are trying to figure out that you can reach for them.  Sometimes your eyes get really big when I shake the rattle.  Its so cute.  I wonder what goes through your head when I do that. 

I keep telling your Daddy that I don't ever want you to get any bigger.  You are just so sweet and cuddly and squishy now.  He has to remind me that you will get so much more exciting and fun to be around...not to mention all the clothes that I have for you that I will get to dress you up in, and believe me sweetheart there are a ton of them!!!  You will be the best dressed girl in the neighborhood that's for sure!!! :D

You have started smiling more and more.  I can't always get you to smile, but when I can, you smile so big.  You like to smile when I put your on your changing pad and get you with the diaper monster, and when I kiss your cheeks, , when I tickle your neck when you are eating, and when I tickle your sides.  You like me to sing a song to you when I change your diaper.  Mostly its just me singing to you that "we are gonna take care of it" because you hate to have a wet diaper, so lately when you cry and I am taking you to change it you have begun to notice that you are going to get your diaper changed, so you usually calm right down. 

I can already tell a difference in the way you look now from when you were born.  For one, you have the longest eyelashes now.  You couldn't really see them when you were born, but they are there now.  You will love that when you start to wear makeup when you are know about 30  ;).  Your hair is also starting to fall out a little.  I never noticed it before, but I can tell now.  It will grow back though.  I wonder if it will be blond like I was when I was little, or dark like Daddy's or light brown like mine.  You already look so much like Daddy did when he was little.  He is such a handsome guy, so I know you will be an extraordinarily beautiful girl.

You are also starting to get your tears.  When we took you to the doctor he had to give you a shot, you cried so hard, I never heard that noise come out of you before, it was definitely a cry caused by pain.  I admit that I cried right along with you.   Next month at your 2 month check up you will get even more shots, and I am really not looking forward to it.  I really don't know how I am going to handle that one.  I hate knowing that they are coming and that you will be hurting, and there is no way to let you know about it and no way to stop it from hurting when they do it.  I'm crying now just thinking about that.  You will learn that about me though, I tend to cry at the drop of a hat.

I love you so much my beautiful.  I know this is gonna be a good month (your second) but lets try to not have it go by too fast alright?  Lets take this growing up thing nice and slow.

I love you my Beautiful girl.   Happy one month birthday! 

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