Sunday, September 11, 2011


I just love watching this little person sleep.

Its just the sweetest thing EVER!!!  I literally spend hours doing this, and I don't even realize that I am.  Usually my day starts at 8 am.  She gets up, I feed her, and we play a little.  This usually consists of us dancing around the house to songs that are made up spur of the moment to tunes that I can't remember the words to anyway.  Then she naps.  I watch TV, or try to get housework done, but it doesn't, and I couldn't tell you what I watch because I spend most of my time watching her.

She wakes up about 11:30, I feed her, we play some more, some tickling, some playing with her feet, some walking around the house telling her what things are, she naps again.  And again I can't tell you what's on TV or what housework needs to be done.

Same thing for her 4:00 feeding.

Richard usually gets her for the 7:00 feeding and I get her back for the 10:00 one, but after that its bedtime, and I lay in bed, in the dark, with just a little light from the alarm clock, just enough to watch that little face smiling at her dreams.

I wonder what she dreams about. 

There isn't anything sweeter than watching this little person sleep.  I'm so in love with her, and my house is a wreck, and I am so behind on my shows, and I couldn't care less. 

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