Friday, September 23, 2011

Bunch of nonsense

I may be jinxing myself here, but I think that things have finally evened out.  I think that I have finally evened out on the hormones, which probably explains the rash going away finally, and everything that I wrote about a couple weeks ago with the rash, itching, cold, pink eye (which turned out not to be pink eye thank goodness) has finally worked itself out.  KNOCK ON WOOD!!!  LOL.   I have jinxed myself enough times to know that I am a magnet for the universe proving me wrong when I don't use that phrase LOL.

Things have been good.  We are starting to find a groove here.  I will be doing an official 2 month post next week after we go to her 2 month appointment so that I have her stats, so I don't want to give too much away.
But on a side note, I find that I can look at Leigha and think about her growing up and going to school and getting married even and not burst into tears.   At least not every time  :D  (Hey I'm an emotional person anyway, I gotta have some moments). 

Girl is starting to get some cheeks on her, and OH EM GEEEE they are so friggin squishable and KISSABLE.  I just love baby cheeks.  Its starting to get to the point where she is getting bigger (which I always knew, duh!) but now I am starting to be able to see the differences.   She smiles a heck of a lot, although more so when she is waking up or going to sleep, so I guess we are only funny when she's tired.  Or when she needs a diaper change actually.  LOL.  I used to change her in the living room if we were in there because it seemed easier to me, but ever since we had that close call with poop on the couch, I only change her in her room on the washable waterproof changing pad LOL. Anyways, thats beside the point.  Whenever we bring her in her room and put her on the table, she breaks into the biggest grins.  So either she really likes having her diaper changed or she likes her room.  I prefer the latter especially since I worked SO HARD to make it as cute and as fun as possible  :) 

We are going to our first ever consignment sale tomorrow.  I range between nervous and excited.  I got a new mom pass, so I get to go early.  I am mainly looking for a swing, but if I find some other clothes and toys and things like that, I won't be disappointed.  I have to be at my parent's house at 7:30, which means that I will have to leave the house about 6:45, which means I will have to get up and get myself and Leigha dressed and ready to go about 5:30 ish or 6.  I'm not looking forward to that part.  I anticipate having to feed Leigha while I am at the sale, which I am not opposed to doing, I plan on bringing a bottle anyways.  I have a little mini backpack, and I plan on using it because I want to be as hands free as possible.  They discourage strollers and things like that because its hard to keep track of if they are brought in or sold, but I will be wearing her, which is not that big of a deal.  I'm trying to think quick.  I have looked up "consignment how too's on you tube, so I think I am good to go. I will have to keep you posted on how I do on staying within my budget and if I get what I want.

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