Thursday, November 17, 2011

Randoms and a couple of vents

  • I ended up sending Leigha an email.  Its not a sappy one.  I just told her that I loved her and told her about the blog and sent her the link and told her what it was about.  I'll probably send more.
  • I am pretty sure that she is teething, but being a first time mom, I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what I am looking for.  I know she drools a lot, constantly chews on her hands, feet, toys, me, and the sides of her pacifier. Oh yeah, and she is REALLY grumpy.  I ask what I need to look for and people tell me that she would have a little fever, (which sometimes she feels warm and has a tiny 1 degree temp, not sure if that is from her fussing or not) and that her gums would be swollen (I have no idea what swollen is), and that I would feel the teeth, (I can't, but they have to come from somewhere right?)
  • Today has been the day from hell.  For some strange reason I didn't sleep last night.  I was super tired, but I couldn't shut my mind off I guess.  She woke up once which is fine, but then woke up at the butt crack of dawn at 6:30 and was up for good so in total I got 4 hours of sleep.  I even tried to bring her back to bed and get her to sleep with me but didn't have any luck.  She then pooped, peed, or spit-up on every single outfit that I put her in.  We went through 6 outfits today and 2 changes of jammies tonight.  She pooped in her bouncer. She wouldn't nap except on me.  She peed in my bed.  She rolled over from back to stomach several times, but refused to go back the other way which led to lots and lots of screaming.  I REALLY hope that this is a one time deal because I don't know how many of these kinds of days that I can take. 
  • I started my period back last month, and I think its getting ready to be that time of the month.  I guess there is one good thing that being sleep deprived causes....PMS!  I have been nursing her like crazy trying as hard as I can to increase my supply, so I'm hoping that it stays away this month.  I really don't feel like dealing with it.  
  •  I've been incredibly frustrated lately.  I'm frustrated that there are times that I can't figure her out.  I'm frustrated that she is still not sleeping through the night.  I'm frustrated that I try to tell Richard what is going on with her and that he NEVER listens to me.  I'm frustrated that I feel like I'm doing this all by myself with no help.  I'm frustrated that Richard seems upset and frustrated, I'm sure because of work, probably because of me too.  I'm frustrated that this whole parenting thing isn't going how I thought that it would.  In short, I'm just a joy to be around at the moment LOL.  (PMS at its finest)  I feel bad that I just called my husband out on my blog, but I tell him the same things in person anyway.  He really is a good dad, I just wish he would listen to me.
  •  I feel like I need a vacation LOL.  I'm only 4 months into this and I already feel that in the world am I going to handle the next 18 + years.  EEK!!
  • My little brother is getting married....still really weird to say that.   But he may elope.  Not sure how I feel about that.   I think that it would be awesome to do that because how cool are destination wedding pics! and part of me wishes he would stay and get married her because it would be hard to afford for us to go (yeah, thats selfish but I don't care, I only have one brother)
  • I am a pinterest addict.  I can't help it.  I wish that I could say that I do some of the things that I pin, but I don't...YET!  I have a huge board of things that I want to sew, and I am going to widdle that one down once I get my machine tomorrow.  And I am planning a pinterest dinner once our kitchen gets back to normal. 
  • I love love LOVE my kitchen.  Its tore all to pieces, there are no doors on the cabinets, and half the cabinets are down and getting reinforced by Richard and we have no counters, but I LOVE IT!  Its going to be so pretty when it gets finished.  
  • Its midnight and Leigha has been asleep for 2 hours now and I'm just now getting sleepy.  This is going to be a fun day tomorrow at my makeover appointment. LOL

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