Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day in the life, 8/11/2012

 I don't have my normal camera this time around and I found it a little difficult to get my husband's camera to cooperate.  Sometimes it took a picture with a flash and sometimes not, with the same picture only seconds apart and sometimes it wouldn't take a picture at all or they were extremely blurry, so I didn't get many good pictures.  And if you go by the time stamp they don't match up.  I took some pics out of sequence because I didn't get a good pic the first time around, so I just took a pic about it a little later in the day ;)

Also a big Thank You to Laura at Navigating the Mothership for hosting the Day in the life project again.  If you want to read my previous days, click here and here.

1:00 am  I wake up because my leg is itching and I'm cold.  We have a door to our deck in our room and we left it open last night because the weather last night and today is supposed to be AWESOME!  It got down to about 60 last night and was a little bit chillier than what I am used to sleeping in during this crazy summer (heat wise LOL)  But because of the antidepressants that I am taking I'm up till about 4. Fun times.

2:00 am  I decide to get up and get a drink of water and turn on the TV to watch the Olympics because I just can't fall asleep even  though I want to so bad.  On my way to the bathroom I see a weird shaped spot on the floor.  Its a little frog that must have gotten in through the open door.  Richard has heard me get up and asked what was wrong and I told him there was a frog in the house.  I poke at it and its dead.  I wonder if I accidentally stepped on it when I got up, and hope that I didn't.

6:30 am Leigha is up.  I figure that its probably about 8 and get ready to get up but when I look at the clock and see 6:30 I bury my head back under the covers and will her to go back to sleep, but unfortunately that doesn't happen, so I go get her and we sit in the living room watching the news.
7:30 am  I can't believe that Leigha has sat quietly and cuddled for the last hour.  But she's up now, and so is everyone else in the house so she gets to eat breakfast.
8:15 am While she eats her puffs I check my facebook and when she is finished I change the channel to Threes Company (Mitt Romney is announcing his running mate BLECH, I hate politics!)  and sort out some too small clothes and next season clothes.  Leigha "helps"
9:00 am, I hop in the shower because we have LOTS to do today.  Surprisingly enough I actually somewhat style my hair and I am pleased with it.  Its a new cut and I like it, but haven't done my hair in so long that I forget how sometimes LOL.Leigha plays while I do this, climbs in her bathtub and into her rocker. 

9: 45 am  Out the door.  We have to meet someone who wants all the baby food jars that I had been saving in a half hearted attempt to force myself to make and store my own baby food.  Richard is thrilled to get them out of the house LOL.  60 something jars and lids.

10: 00 am  Walmart run to pick up 3 things...Dog food, toothpaste, and Thank you notes....$60 later ;) LOL

11:00 am is nap time.  I was running dangerously close to a major meltdown by taking Leigha to Walmart but thankfully we survived that one! :D

11:30 am I bite the bullet and start figuring out thank you notes for Leigha's party.  I forgot to write down what everyone got her so I have to do it from memory.  I'm doing pretty good, but there is one gift that I just can't remember who got it for her.  and one person who I can't remember what she gave, but I really don't think that those 2 match up.  Oh well. 

12:00 Leigha wakes up.  Richard and I have some plans to do some running around town but first the girl needs to be fed, and Richard sneaks a snack himself.
12:45 pm.  Richard mowed the grass this morning but had to go get his parent's lawn mower because he discovered a fuel leak in ours, so we return it now and visit with the in-laws for a while before heading up to deliver some tables for a local consignment sale so that I can get in and shop before everyone else.  We spend the next couple of hours driving all over town.
2:30 pm  We head to Best buy because for my birthday present this past week Richard said he wanted me to pick out a nook, then we head home with my new present, and lunch from Hardees.
3:00 pm.  Finally home I rush to put Leigha to bed for her afternoon nap while Richard gets the food ready and I plug in my nook and start playing with it and downloading books while it charges.  I spend pretty much the rest of the afternoon searching for and downloading free books.
4:00 pm Leigha wakes up from her nap so Richard gets her and we play and cuddle for a while.  She has started giving hugs on command and of course she loves giving Richard hugs all the time without asking.  Its so cute. But they don't last long as its now playtime and the first thing she grabs is her camera.
5:00 pm  I put some chicken in a pot to cook so I can make dinner a little later, and feed Leigha dinner.

5:30 pm  Richard starts cleaning out his man cave. While we were remodeling the kitchen all his tools and everything else ended up in there, and never got cleaned up.  It was AWFUL.  I hated that room,but as an agreement when we got the house I told him he could do whatever he wanted to with it, but I was not going to touch it, decorating or cleaning or anything else, it was all his. (Awesome deal if you ask me, he has TONS of collectibles in there that seem to require constant dusting LOL)  Anyway, Leigha tries to help him.  He has found an old keyboard so he gives it to her to play with, and that occupies her time for about 30 minutes or so.
6:00 I start to shred the chicken to make chicken tacos, add the seasonings and start getting the toppings ready.
6:45 pm.  Richard and I want to eat in peace without little hands grabbing at our plates so I quickly give Leigha a bath and get her ready for bed. She's asleep by about 7:15

7:00 pm.  Dinner time...and OH its is SO good!!!  We haven't had this in forever.
8:00 pm We turn on the olympics for the last evening.  I love the olympics.  I really wish that they would come more often.  We were talking earlier in the car during our errands today that I think this is the first year ever where I have watched all or nearly all of the events.  Not necessairly the whole thing, but I would see the highlights and things.

8:15  We go outside and try to see some of the meteor shower.  We didn't see anything

8:30  We come back in and I realize that Leigha is crying.  We had turned down the monitors and didn't turn them back up and forgot to bring one outside with us.  I don't know how long she had been crying, but when I went in I couldn't calm her down.  I end up having to nurse her to get her to calm and she finally went back to sleep about 9.

9:15 No such luck, she's up again.  I am not sure if it is teething or another ear infection so I get her some Tylenol and head to her room.  I rock her and she is asleep again within minutes.  This time till 5 am.  I make a note to call the doctor on Monday morning because she has been doing this for about a week now.  

9:30 Richard is watching TV, I"m not really sure what it is, and I curl up next to him and read some more books on the nook.  I love this thing.

10:00  We head to bed, but I stay up reading till about 11:30 when I finally call it a night.


  1. Bullet form to cover all my thoughts :)
    - Insomnia from meds? Say it ain't so!
    - Three's Company = hilarious. Apparently one of my sister's favs as a baby
    -your hair looks awesome
    -maybe your girl is starting to get molars? They are a doozy & very sleep interrupting.

    1. Love the bullet form, I need to remember to use that sometimes LOL
      ~Yeah, my doc warned me that it may be possible, so today I decided to start taking it in the morning since I'm not nursing anymore. Hopefully it helps.
      ~I have loved Threes Company since i was a kid LOL. ~Thanks!!
      ~I think its molars too. She just can't get her hand in her mouth far enough. I sure hope they come through soon though.

  2. I love your daughter's name! So cute!!

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  4. My son is just a day younger than your daughter. I love his hugs too!

    1. That's so awesome! I just read your day in the life post and noticed that they were close in age!

  5. I love my kindle! I read way more now that I don't have to cart two kids into the library (or the section of the library that doesn't have board books and toys).
    We are in the middle of a sleep disruption too. I like to blame teeth! Good luck!

    1. I've downloaded so many books, I think I almost like finding and downloading them more than reading them LOL. Good luck to you with the teething thing too!!!

  6. Yuck, insomnia is the worst, regardless of the reason - hope you can figure out a time to take your meds where you can also sleep!

    1. Thanks Erin, it really does stink, and I think if I take them early enough it helps. I'm still working on it though ;)