Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pregnancy weeks 4-7

The first few weeks after finding out were fairly uneventful so I am lumping them all into one big post and I will post the 8 week update in a couple of days at the beginning of the 9th week.  I wasnt really sure how I wanted to do that, but someone mentioned once that she posted the weekly update at the end because thats what happened that week.  Makes sense to me, so thats what I'm gonna do too.

Due Date: July 31, 2011 

Weight Gain: No change in the past few weeks, maybe a pound difference, depending on what time of day it is

Symptoms:  None really.  I have had some nausea, but nothing a few crackers couldn't handle.  Other than that, I was feeling pretty good.
Cravings:  Nothing really.  Mostly I dont want anything.  I think that I do, but when I get it, it doesnt sound appealing anymore. 
Aversions:  Just about everything.
Sleep:  I like sleep, always have, that hasnt changed, and I haven't noticed any increase in fatigue, although sometimes I do take a nap
I am loving: Christmas almost being here.
I miss:  Being able to eat things that sound good.

I am looking forward to:  My first appointment.  I wasnt sure what was going to happen, but I was excited that Richard was finally going to meet the doctor.

I'm spazzing about:  My first appointment because I wasnt sure what was going to happen.
Best moment this week:  Well since this is lumped all into one post, my best moment of those weeks was probably the weekend we went on vacation to Gatlinburg with some friends.  It was a nice weekend away
Milestones:  I dont know of any off hand.  Other than the fact the baby is finally big enough to be "seen", and not the size of a sesame seed or poppy seed.

Movement:  None yet, but hopefully soon I will feel that flutter in my stomach.
It's a...: Dot! I'll let you know in March.

Exercise: None, of course.  I'm lazy anyway.  Maybe I'll try it at some point.

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