Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week 8 and 9 update

Yeah, I did it again.  I forgot and now I am lumping two posts into one.  But hey, I'm still posting which is a milestone for me LOL. 

Due Date: July 31, 2011 
Weight Gain: I am down about 5 pounds. 

Symptoms:  Still none.   I thought that my morning sickness started, but the more that I think back on it, I think it was just a 24 bug.  I literally went from eating anything to not keeping ANYTHING down and then back to eating anything again.   Hence the 5 pound weightloss. 
Cravings:  Nothing really.  Although whenever I eat anything, its usually the best thing I have eaten in a while, and I could keep on eating it.  
Aversions:  Those are pretty much gone.
Sleep:  I still like sleep, and find myself sleeping later and taking a nap during the day.
I am loving:  The fact that its 2 days from being 2011....The year that I meet our baby, the year that I become a Mom, the year that Richard becomes a Dad...its all just surreal to me.
I miss:  Feeling like myself.  I'm not complaining honest, but I really miss not crying at the wierdest commercials or TV shows.  I miss waking up and being ready to go.  Now I cant get going till about noon.

I am looking forward to:  My next Dr. appointment.  Jan 19th.  The good lord willing, I should be able to hear the heartbeat then.  I'm super excited.  

I'm spazzing about:  Its been about 20 days since my last appointment.  Too long to not be seeing my baby if you want my honest opinion.
Best moment this week:  Christmas of course, and everything that goes with it.  The food, the presents, the being with family.  
Milestones:  The baby is a strawberry, or green olive or grape depending on which website you look at.  If you ask me, none of those are the same size, so I'm going with the largest....a strawberry.  It went from a sesame seed to a strawberry in 4 weeks!  How WILD is that?!?! 

Movement:  None yet, but hopefully soon I will feel that flutter in my stomach.
It's a...: Dot! I'll let you know in March.

Exercise: None, of course.  I'm lazy as usual.  ;)  Someone inspire me.

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