Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yeah, I'm a little behind

Seeing as how Richard already has 2 posts up (and pretty lengthy ones too!) I should probably pick up the pace a little bit.

So I'm gonna start at the beginning obviously.  I had always thought in the back of my mind that I would get pregnant in November.  So when November rolled around, I thought that we would have a good chance. 

Fast forward to November 16th.  I have discovered that I like peeing on sticks LOL.  Gross  as it sounds, when you really want to get pregnant and you have that 2 week period that you have to wait before anything will show up on a test, you will do anything including peeing on sticks from the dollar store even though you know that's its WAY to early for anything to show up.  So the 16th, I pee on a stick (POAS in the trying to conceive world) I think I see a line, but its super super early and know it isn't possible that its positive.  So the 17th I POAS, no line.  So I figured that I would wait 2 days and try again.  I POAS on the 19th, an even fainter line than before that I have to hold a certain way in order to see it.  So I decided to wait another 2 days to test.  I test on Sunday the 21st.  There is a definite line.  But of course I post it online for other women to look at and judge to see if they see a line.  Some do, some don't.  That's probably a good thing since if the consensus was positive, I would have had a hard time keeping it a secret from Richard for the day till I could set up my plan to tell him.  I manage to get to Walmart to get a couple of better quality tests and plan on taking them first thing Monday morning, the 22nd.

Richard gets up and leaves work at 5:30.  By 5:40 I am in the bathroom, already have POAS and was watching the second line get darker and darker......I'M PREGNANT!!!!......Now, I just have to set up my plan to tell Richard.....

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