Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr appointment update

3 posts in a 24 hour period!...Look at me go!!!  LOL

I'm on a roll.   I think that I am becoming more comfortable in posting all this stuff.  At first I wasn't really sure about it, but lately I will start thinking of things and be like "Oh, that's going in the blog!"  LOL. 

So since I am up with heartburn again.  Well partially that and partially the fact that its so hot in my house right now I can't sleep, I figured that I would update you with my Dr. appt from this afternoon before I forget.

Richard came with me to this appointment, I wanted him to come to at least one of the later ones, so he picked this one when I told him about it.   I hoped all the way there that it wouldn't be that crowded and that I would be able to get in right away like I did last time.  No such luck of course.  We still waited in the waiting room for about an hour before we were called back.    At least we didn't have to wait too long for the doctor to come in.

So he comes in and measures me and listens to her heartbeat.  I'm measuring 32 centimeters which is up 2 centimeters from my last appointment.  He said that's a good thing.  That I'm consistently getting bigger, not too fast and not too slow.   He said her heartbeat looked really good (although sometimes where he places the doppler I swear he is listening to my heartbeat and not hers, but what do I know, I'm not a doctor LOL)

I mentioned to him about the problem that I had when I tried to pre-register at my last appointment.  He said that he had recently found out that they changed the policy without telling any of the doctors.  But he also informed us that he is the Chief of Obstetric medicine at our hospital and that they have a meeting in the morning and he would bring it up (yay for me picking a big wig as my doc!  LOL) I was shocked.  I didn't know he was so important in the hospital, and he says that he doesn't like to advertise it.   For some reason that made me even more relaxed with him.  I don't know why, maybe because if something goes wrong I know he may take care of things.  I guess I feel even more like I'm in good hands.  Its weird. 

He also said that at our next appointment we get to see her again!  WOOHOOO!!!   I figured that our 18 week appointment would be the last time that we got to see her before her birthday, so I am SUPER stoked about that.  I of course asked why thinking that maybe something was wrong that he wasn't telling me, but he said that he liked to see how she was growing.  I asked about insurance and all that stuff and he said that normally insurance would only pay for one, but since I have had underlying blood pressure issues early on in my pregnancy, that he wants to check her again and make sure that she is still "cooking on schedule"   This makes me super happy and now that I know that the tech can tell how big she is and how much she weighs, I am totally going to ask more questions and get more information about her.   I can't wait!!!  June 8th!  :D

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