Friday, May 6, 2011

Update or random stuff, you pick

Yeah, I have no idea what this is going to be about LOL.  Just bear with me. I have these moments sometimes.  ;)

Things are going well this week.  Nothing major has happened unless you count the fact that I am now in 2 week appointments which is freaking me out.  My doctor laughed at me when I told him he seriously needed to turn back time, oh about 4 months.  Then maybe I will feel like I can get everything done. 

Monday is my 1 hour glucose test.  My doc's office calls it Glucola, I certainly hope that it doesn't refer to this stuff that I am going to have to drink tasting like a super sweetened coke, because I have heard that it is nasty anyways, and I don't know that I can handle that.  Please pray that I pass is.  I don't want to do the 3 hours test.  That would be torture!!!

Richard felt her kick on Easter.  He had been freaking out about that whole feeling her kick thing and really didn't want to feel it, but I told him that he had to feel her once.  Well she was kicking up a storm, so I grabbed his hand, put it on my stomach and of course she stopped.  He was bound set and determined that he was going to pull his hand away, but I guess i had a good grip because it wasn't too long after he tried to move that she kicked.  Guess what?  He DIDN'T freak out!!!  He said it wasnt how he expected it to be.  He said it felt like when he has muscle spasms.  Of course this comment has made me grab his hand more than once after that to get him to feel her again.  Hey, I can go back on my promise, I'm a woman after all, and a pregnant one at that.

I have been making lists lately.  Maybe it my way of "pre" nesting, who knows, but I have made lists of what I want on my birth plan, things left to do before she comes (ie, cooking meals to freeze for after, shampooing all carpets in the house, things like that)  shower lists of things that I can cook, and people to invite, things to go in my hospital bag, Leigha's hospital bag (aka diaper bag) and Richard's bag.  Yes, I know we literally live 10 minutes from it, and he can and will go home at least once, but hey, I don't want to not be prepared and have him leave me for something when I really need him so he gets a bag too.

I lost my job again.  This one was only for 2 weeks.  It was supposed to be for a month, but apparently I'm just that fast LOL.  I sure do wish that I was typing faster than they expected me to, I would have taken my time.

And I got a new job the same day LOL.  Its doing transcription, from home.  Its my ideal job for staying at home with Leigha, and I'm not going to do anything to screw this up.  I am super stoked about it.  I have to do some upgrading to the computer like upgrading from Word 2000 to Word 2003 or 2007, (huh?)  adding some more RAM to it (double huh???)  and getting long distance on my phone.  I should start in like a couple weeks maybe.  (Keep your fingers crossed.  I am going to look into getting all this done this weekend.  The sooner I start the sooner I can start rolling in the moolah.    Oh and does anyone know exactly how I can do that upgrade for Word?  I tried to go to Microsoft's website, but they say I have to pay.  Is that true, or is Bill Gates just trying to get more of my money?

I am just about ready to start painting her room.  Its going to be pink with a yellow wall and on the yellow wall I am going to paint different colored bubbles.  Because you know, thats her theme ;)  I have patched holes and sanded and just a few minutes ago I washed all the walls.  So I think that I will start painting all that I can.  I will probably just edge the room out for now until Richard can get that bed moved out.  I think we may have to have a garage sale next weekend though because we seriously have no other place to put it.  He of course wants to keep it in case we have to move to Kentucky this winter, but I don't know where we would keep it.  (But thats a whole other ball game, and HUGE IF)

And the biggie that I keep considering lately.  NATURAL CHILDBIRTH.  No one knows about this thought of mine.  I know Richard would freak out if I were to tell him about it, he despises all things gross (I spit cherry coke out in the sink last night because it tasted gross, and he thought that I was puking, and was froze in place because he didn't know whether to run or pass out LOL) I can't talk to my family or friends about because they will all tell me to get the drugs.  Especially with my back.  I had surgery almost 10 years ago where they put rods and hooks and screws in my spine to straighten it.  Its some major hard core stuff, and because of all that the possibility of me having back labor is very high, and I have heard that's the worst.  But I still am all of a sudden considering doing this naturally because I don't want to "medicate" the baby.  All the reading that I have done lately says that its better for me, its better for her, and promotes breastfeeding (which I am planning on doing by the way)  I just have no idea where to start.  For years I have said, give me drugs, give me drugs whenever the topic would come up, and I don't know why I am changing my mind.  Its kinda freaking me out a little, but I don't know what to do, what to look up, what to rent, what books to get, who to talk to.  I am lost, confused and a little panicked about the whole idea.  So please if you are reading this and have given birth naturally before, or at least researched it, please help me out, what do I need to do.  I'm so confused............I think this needs a whole post devoted to it, if i can ever get my thoughts in order about it all. 

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