Monday, May 23, 2011

Hospital bag must haves (maybe)

 Here is my list.  I'm not really sure where I got it from, some website, but I don't remember which one.  Feel free to add anything to it, or to tell me to delete it.  I don't mind.  I haven't ever packed a bag like this before, so I have really no clue what I will need and what I won't.   Also any suggestions as to what to bring for the baby and for Richard would be appreciated too.   ;)   Thanks.
[ ] Insurance cards, hospital forms and birth plan (if you have one)
[ ] 2-3 pairs of warm, nonskid socks that can get ruined (for walking the halls before and after labor)
[ ] A warm robe or sweater you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause
[ ] 2 maternity bras -- no underwire -- and nursing pads (whether or not you plan to nurse, you’ll appreciate the support and leak-protection)
[ ] Lip balm (hospitals are very dry)
[ ] Toiletries and personal items -- hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, makeup (as if), shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens case and solution (remember, travel-sized products are your friends)
[ ] Eyeglasses
[ ] Headband or ponytail holder (avoid clips -- they’ll probably poke you)
[ ] Sugar-free hard candy or lozenges to keep your mouth moist during labor (candy with sugar will make you thirsty)
[ ] Pen and paper
[ ] Lots of change for the vending machines and non-perishable snacks (you’ll probably be hungry after labor, and the hospital cafeteria could be closed)
[ ] Cell phone and charger, phone numbers of people to call after birth, prepaid calling card (if your hospital doesn’t allow cell phones)
[ ] Camera, film or extra memory card, battery or charger
[ ] A gym bag packed with a change of clothes and basic hygiene products for your partner  
Hospital Bag Extras
[ ] Extra pillow (with a case that can get ruined, in a pattern distinguishable from hospital white)
[ ] Comfortable going-home clothes in six-month maternity size and flat shoes (or, just wear the clothes you came in… sorry, but they’ll probably still fit)
[ ] Bath towel (the hospital will likely supply a small, very thin one)
[ ] Hairdryer
[ ] Your favorite brand of soap, shampoo and heavy flow sanitary pads (the hospital supplies these things, but bring your own if you’re picky)
[ ] A few pairs of maternity underwear that can get ruined (the hospital will have disposable pairs, which some women find handy and others find gross)
[ ] A ruin-able nightgown (you can use those lovely hospital gowns, but your own might help you feel more human)
[ ] Breast pump, if you plan to use one
[ ] Slippers that can get dirty
[ ] Very light reading (think mags and newspapers, not War and Peace)
[ ] Your MP3 (loaded with your favorite tunes, of course)
[ ] Massage oil and tools like rolling pins or tennis balls, and lucky or inspirational objects (honestly, we doubt you'll use 'em…but feel free to prove us wrong!)
What to Bring For Baby
[ ] Approved car seat
[ ] Warm blankets (for the ride home) and for the dogs too get used to her scent
[ ] Going home outfit in a couple of sizes

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