Friday, May 20, 2011


Yeah.  I have 10 more weeks to go, and I'm just going to get bigger.  I have always had a bigger stomach, I don't like it, I never have and never will.  I take after my Granny, that just happens to be where I gain most of my weight.  I wish I could suck it in, and when I'm around you I constantly try to suck it in, or hold it in so you don't see it and get repulsed.  I know you don't like looking at it and honestly I don't either, but jeesh, do you have to make me feel like complete crap by telling everyone and me how "huge" I am?  And of course I can't help but smile and laugh it off so no one can see how much it hurts, so I guess its partially my fault, its like I'm egging you on.  I'm making you think that those comments don't bother me, but they do, and I wish you'd stop.  I tell you its not nice, that there's a reason I look like this, it won't be forever, and I know you know that.  Doesn't help though.  God I wish I would grow some thicker skin, or that you would get a clue. 

(Sorry, I just didn't know where else I could just let this out to just get my emotions out in the open.)   

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