Monday, May 9, 2011

Glucose tolerance test, or something like that.

Today I had my 28 week appointment, and either the glucose screening, or glucose tolerance test, I never know which is which and to be honest, I don't really care LOL.  It was the one hour test.

I got to the office and opened the door to what I expected was to be a completely packed super hot waiting room like it usually is.  Nope, completely deserted, I probably could have gotten in and out in less than an hour if it weren't for that silly test! LOL.  

They took me back right away and gave me a choice of fruit punch or orange flavored drink (thank goodness it wasn't coke flavored like I feared)  and surprisingly enough it wasn't all that bad.  Everything that I have read online said that it was thick and syrup like and super super sweet.  But heck I've had sweet tea that was sweeter than this stuff, and it was kind of a little fizzyish even though it said on the bottle that there was no carbonation.  they wouldn't let me sit in the comfy waiting room chairs, nope, she had me sit in the "lab" and drink that stuff, all the while I had the crazy US tech sitting across watching me drink the stuff.    Well I get done, see the doc who tells me that I have homework.  Before my next appointment I need to

1) Find, or at least be looking for a pediatrician.   
2) Pre-register for the delivery.
3) Sign up for a birthing class if I am going to take one.

Should be interesting.  We aren't going to take a class for the birth, I know we need to, it would probably be pretty informative, but I am sure that somewhere in this vast internet, I can find a video or outline of a class and research and make up my own for a heck of a lot cheaper than it costs at this hospital, so that's one less thing to do, and my doc doesn't care one way or the other if I do, so that's good. 

How in the world do you hire a pediatrician?  Is hire even the right word?  Doubtful, but I'm using it anyways LOL.  I have no idea what to ask this person, as long as he or she takes good care of my daughter, and is nice and will consult with me on her care rather than do this, this, and this with no other options, I'm ok with it. 

And last but not least, register.  Since I was in and out of the office pretty quickly, I decided that I would head downstairs to the admitting department to register for the delivery and get that out of the way since I was there already with time to kill before having them draw my blood.  So I get to admitting and walk in the door and OMG I would have sworn I had just walked into a sauna!  It was SUPER hot and humid and yucky.  So I'm standing there waiting and finally someone comes to the front desk and I tell them that I need to register for delivery.  She looks at me and in a very unpleasant tone asks when the due date is.  I tell her its the 31st of July.  She says July, ok, well come back at the beginning of June because the registrations only stay in the system for 30 days.  Hmmm ok, well lets think about this for a moment shall we?  June has 30 days in it, and July has 31....So there are about 60 days from the time she told me to come in to the time I will deliver.....I don't think the girl could count, either that or she didn't want to deal with me.  Either way I am calling in the morning to ask someone else when I could come in to register for my delivery. LOL 

It seems rather odd that there are signs literally all over my doctor's office telling me to register at the 20 week mark, and my doc tells me to register when I am 28 weeks, but they won't take me this early.  Sounds kinda fishy and like she wanted to get off work at a decent hour to me.  :)

But now my test is over with and I am PRAYING that they don't call within the next 2 weeks to tell me that I failed the test.  But to be honest, this office really seems to want money so I bet they call.   it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Oh!  I forgot to tell you the kicker of my day.....I officially have stretchmarks.  :( 

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